Money Making Websites Made Easy

This is it! The exact process(es) I use to create my niche money making websites. From the initial research stages, right through to ranking and monetizing, I’m going to show you everything. All for free.


What do I get out of it? Well for one, I create niche sites myself. By seeing exactly how I do this, you’ll be able to understand my process, and I’m hoping that some of you will think about buying some of my sites as a result.

Yes, plenty of you will do it yourselves for free, and I’m glad to help you there! Why should it all be a secret?

If every Internet Marketer creates just one epic guide that delivers so much value to the Internet that they’ll forever be thanked, let this be mine.

Introduction To Money Making Websites Made Easy

You might need a little bit of background reading to understand my processes:

I make money from affiliate marketing. I build websites around a certain niche, and get them ranking in the search engines, then make money from them via adverts or affiliate offers.

If any of this is over your head, or you’ve not used WordPress before, I suggest you check out this page.

Essentially, if you’re interesting in affiliate marketing, niche marketing, internet marketing, or whatever other phrase you want to call it, then you’ll get something out of this guide.

Follow the steps and you WILL succeed in making a profitable website. This isn’t the only way to do it, but it’s a way that works.

Chapter By Chapter Breakdown

Here’s what I’ve got in store for you:

Chapter One: Researching And Re-Researching

You can never research too much. Chapter one is, obviously, where it all begins. Research is actually something that a lot of us get wrong. It took me almost two years to learn how to do it properly. You’ll learn it in one chapter. Hooray! Go here.

Chapter Two: Content With Your Content?

Average content gets average results. This section is all about how to get the most out of your content, how to succeed with your first 10 pages, and more importantly, a short-term and long-term plan for success. Go here.

Chapter Three: Designing Your Site, Designing It Right.

So many people seem to get this wrong. Building an ugly site will get you nowhere. There are some very simple structures and ways to organize your site that will make users fall in love and keep coming back. In this chapter we’ll take a look at choosing a “look” for your site, and some simple WordPress tips. Go here.

Chapter Four: On Page SEO: Simple Easy and Organized.

Search Engine Optimization is scary to a lot of newcomers, and confusing to even more. It’s actually pretty straightforward if you ignore all the rubbish information out there. This is a simple guide to making your site and content organized in a way that Google will love, users will love, and you will love. Go here.

Chapter Five: Thanks For The Ranks!

Want to know how to get the top search engine ranks? Sorry, there’s no secret. You know what there are though? Simple tips to follow and a plan of action. I’ll throw in a 90-day plan of action for free, just say thanks for the ranks. Go here.

Chapter Six: Money Isn’t Funny

It might not be funny, but it sure is fun. This final chapter teaches you exactly how to monetize a site, the best way to go about testing it, and some basic tips for improving conversions. The fun starts here. Go here.

Note: If you aren’t aware yet how to set up a WordPress blog, I suggest you read this tutorial here.


Are You Ready?

Let’s get started!

It’s time for you to learn exactly how to start researching niche websites THE RIGHT WAY with Chapter One: Researching your niche.

Go To Chapter One

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