Getting Long Tail Traffic via The KGR Method With Doug Cunnington Part 1 [Episode #13]

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Doug tells us about his method of gaining long tail traffic by targeting 1 or 2 high volume “best” posts. This method relies on no to little backlinks and allows you to rank very quickly.

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Doug Cunnington @ Niche Site Project –

Smart Passive Income –

Niche Pursuits –

Niche Site Project 2 with Spencer Haws & Perrin –

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Learn more about the KGR method:

People that were in Doug's original mastermind to discover his KGR method:

  • Luis Ogden
  • Quinn Hamp
  • Sean Newman
  • Rob Atkinson

Long Tail Keyword –

Keyword Keg –

Keyword Revealer –

SECockpit –

SEMrush –


What is the ‘Keyword Golden Ratio'? ​

Keyword Everywhere – Free Chrome plug-in


2 thoughts on “Getting Long Tail Traffic via The KGR Method With Doug Cunnington Part 1 [Episode #13]”

  1. Doug’s been a great resource for me. I have gotten a lot of great low competition traffic from the KGR. Hardest part is getting the writers and scaling up the content to be put on the site (on a budget).

  2. Hey Bryon! This was a great podcast – well they are all great really. But I loved this Golden Keyword Ratio and will be using it for sure. Thanks for bringing Doug onto the show.

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