Buying Established Websites vs Buying Starter Websites [Episode #28]

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Today I want to touch on the benefits of purchasing a website vs the benefits of purchasing a starter website. This debate has been sparked as my own investing techniques have matured recently with the sale of my own sites.

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Established Websites – a website that already has income being generated for the owner


  • Start collecting your return of investments right away
  • Popular to somebody who wants to quit their job
  • Those that a lot less doubt
  • An established website is much less work


  • Time and money spend
  • Penguin penalty
  • You need to know what you’re doing

Buying/Building Starter Sites – Sites that you have build up the income from the ground up


  • Low barrier of entry
  • Learning the in's and out's of internet marketing (SEO, WordPress, Email Marketing, etc.)
  • Buying a starter site saves time from setting up a site yourself
  • More people to learn from since you are starting from the bottom
  • Less risky when you don't know what your next move should be
  • Can spread your website expenses over a period of months/years


  • Longer period till earning
  • Ranking in Google is an organic process


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