Growing a Community of 400,000 Youtube Subscribers All For Product Reviews w/ [Episode #43]

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Jeff Rizzo went from zero to hero in just a few short years. He's grown his Youtube channel 400,000 subscribers, over 70,000 organic visitors to his site and 15,000 Instagram followers.

We talk about his journey, his team, processes and more!


  • How did RizKnows start
  • Building up a Youtube following
  • Shifting efforts to grow the website
  • How to produce content like Jeff and his team
  • Converting people to subscribe to the channel
  • What would Jeff do if he had to do it all over again (for the beginners starting out)
  • Favourite book


Jeff Rizzo @ RizKnows –

My Slumber Yard –

RizKnows Youtube Channel –

Ride the Thunder Book –

Team of Rivals Book –

Walt Disney Book –


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