Link Building: The Psychology & Tactics At Scale w/ Stewart of [Episode #62]

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Link building is tough, especially for affiliate sites. Today we learn some strategies from Stewart Dunlop on building links to our info pages and also those all-important money pages.

Tune in and learn today!


  • Stewarts background & affiliate sites
  • Using social proof
  • Building links to sites with 0 links
  • Measuring performance & tools
  • Getting links to your money pages
  • The processes involved with outreach at scale
  • Vetting link building prospects and opportunities
  • Getting from a “no” to a “hell yes!” from your link building prospects



13 thoughts on “Link Building: The Psychology & Tactics At Scale w/ Stewart of [Episode #62]”

  1. oh brilliant article. Link building psychology. This is something i was lacking. THanks for the information. Keep posting new solutions towards effective seo. Thanks.

  2. Nice brain storming while extracting these websites, But i would like to share some of my concern about these websites… Are they provide an authentic backlink or some low DA PA backlink?

  3. Nice !!! last 3 months im work at link builidng and read a lot about this. 2k19 its harder get good links.. bcs Google can separate good link = bad links and good links cost…. thats hurt so much ! Im looking for good ideas and for free is it possible these days?

  4. Anonymous blogger

    As a website owner of multiple websites and blogs who gets these link builder emails CONSTANTLY. To every one of my websites. And they ALL have the same format. They are ANNOYING AS HELL. STOP DOING THIS. Or if you are buying into this idea…DON’T.

    They all start with a friendly compliment on your site…how they love my site and how helpful it is. Some even go the extra route to say they can relate to some aspect of it. (I now know this to be fake since I get this so often. The pattern happens CONSTANTLY.)

    Often they share a broken link they found on my site that they are being oh so “helpful” sharing with you…though not always. Note: I don’t need strangers “helping” me find broken links on my site that only do this with an agenda. I have tools to find my broken links and will get them eventually and would rather miss them for awhile then be hit with constant spam from people looking for something in return!

    And then they hit me with a link they always want me to share on my site, which they so “helpfully” have a link to a specific page that they think it would be best on.

    Sometimes they tell me a story about the link being to a site their own child really likes and HOW EXCITED their child would be to see their link on my site. These really bug me… because I’ve gotten enough of these, I now know they are bogus. The manipulation involved here in fabricating a child and playing on the emotions that children evoke…just, OMG *RAGE*

    Oh and the links? Sometimes they are to legit sites, to ok webpages…but more often than not they are to spammy websites or just mediocre sites. And the webpages are eh. Almost never noteworthy. Because GOOD SITES WITH QUALITY CONTENT DON’T USE THIS PRACTICE!!!

    Side note: Almost always the content is only loosely relevant to the page they want me to link it on. More often than not, the link they want me to share makes it very very clear that the person did not actually bother to read anything on my site and just used an algorithm to find me, canceling out the previous compliments they were smothering me with. That really irks me because the entire email is fake, a ruse, and completely transparent.

    And it is bad enough to just get one unsolicited email from someone like this…but do they stop at one? Oh no…in a day or 2 I get a follow up reminder email “just checking in” to see if I got the first email… then another and another. Usually 3 or 4…though I’ve had some continue further! 5, 6 “friendly emails”…which constitutes harassment, in my book.

    Oh sure, many of them put a footnote “To unsubscribe from these emails….” and instructions…but “unsubscribe” implies that I SUBSCRIBED in the first place, which I did NOT.

    And I might not be so bothered by these if they only sent the one email…or if I only got this now and then. But no. EVERYONE is using this technique now, and websites/blogs like mine are INUNDATED by this blatant SPAM. I know I am not in the minority here. Link builder businesses like the one interviewed in this podcast are all over the internet and they are a thorn in the side of so many of us bloggers that just want to go about our business and not be HARASSED with their constant SPAM!!

    AND they ALL. SOUND. THE. SAME. Y’all use the same tired formula! It wouldn’t matter though if you worded it differently…because a lot of us just DON’T want to put links on our websites for companies that are now the equivalent of the friggin annoying door-to-door salesman!! We don’t want people knocking on our door unsolicited and we DON’T want people spamming us asking us to share their links!! LEAVE US THE F ALONE!!

    So STOP!! PLEASE! In the name of all that’s good quality web practices! Focus on creating good quality content and products and actually making TRUE CONNECTIONS with other businesses and STOP HIRING SPAMMERS to bug the crap out of other businesses for a wee bit of extra traffic!

  5. One of the things I pay attention to is the DA / PA value and the spam score of the page. Developing and increasing the links you receive is different

  6. It’s a nice shot, Kelvin. I just started the techniques and waiting for the results. My previous outreach techniques were not converting well for me. However, surely the psychological tricks will improve it. Wish me best of luck.

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