Private Affiliate Offers & Growing a Web Portfolio to $9k+/mo with Jeff Scholz [Episode #76]

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Jeff operates affiliate sites ranging from $100 to $5000 per month.

We go through multiple milestones, taking calculated risks and team building.

Tune in now!

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  • Jeff’s Background
  • A look into Jeff's portfolio and the size of it (revenue and traffic)
  • Team building
  • KGR
  • Recovering from an algo shift
  • Types of Links



5 thoughts on “Private Affiliate Offers & Growing a Web Portfolio to $9k+/mo with Jeff Scholz [Episode #76]”

  1. Great podcast. I will definitely come back to it again, because I wrote down only a few things that interested me a lot 🙂 Thanks for sharing Kelvin

  2. Loved Jeff Scholz insight on recovering from a Google algorithm shift and his link building insights. Great guest and solid podcast episode!

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