Going From $500 To $30,000 Per Month w/ Tom De Spiegelaere of TomSpicky.com [Episode #79]

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Tom De Spiegelaere joins us today to chat about his affiliate business and how he was able to transition from client SEO to affiliate SEO.

Tom's sites are now earning a significant amount of revenue for him and his family but today we dive into how he got there because it wasn't all fun and games. 

This is a fantastic episode filled with great tips and tricks so tune in now!

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  • Transition from client SEO to content sites
  • Tips on CRO
  • Backlink strategies
  • Internal linking
  • Tactics for getting rich snippets
  • Handling a portfolio of sites
  • Niche selection
  • Getting from the second page to the first
  • Preparing for a sale



2 thoughts on “Going From $500 To $30,000 Per Month w/ Tom De Spiegelaere of TomSpicky.com [Episode #79]”

  1. Can you give the syntax for the next snippet he talks about please – do you need ” ” https:// . or just the domain?

  2. Great success story and loved hearing from Tom on his mentality and strategies for affiliate marketing with an emphasis on utilizing SEO & Organic Traffic. Very inspiring, especially his success after attending Chang Mai.

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