Validating Your Niche Selection [Episode #9]

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What are the steps you can take to actually validate a niche for your site? Let's walk through how you test the waters and reverse engineer what other successful sites are doing before you commit.

Can't wait for you guys to listen in!


  • Product price range / Does it have other products in it
  • Product types ( Info product and Physical product ) / Are the products suitable for online retail and affiliation
  • Are there lots of parallel or related products
  • Is the niche something that you can broaden or widen later on
  • Difference of Info Product and Physical Product
  • Maybe you don’t need to be passionate about your niche but you just need to be passionate about niche marketing
  • What happens when you spend ages trying to be the first person in the niche
  • Certain angles or keywords within a niche is saturated

2 Points to Remember:

Don't just promote the highest commission item, just for the sake of it.

Not every type of product is equal.


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