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Step 1: Get To Know Us

Hi, I'm Dom Wells the founder of Human Proof Designs.

My team and I help people build online businesses through the model of "affiliate marketing". This isn't a new business model, but very simply:

Affiliate marketing is where a company, such as Amazon, provides a commission to people that direct customers to their business.

If you've ever been hunting around for "laptop reviews" and come across a fairly detailed resource with lots of pictures and videos - those are the types of sites we build. Usually, we'll recommend something on Amazon since almost everything is on there and readers usually find something to satisfy their needs. It's just a great place to send people that are in the buying mood and when they make a purchase, we'll get a commission. Think of our websites as 24 hour sales people for Amazon, that we own.

And you can too.​

The services we provide here at Human Proof Designs are based around building your first affiliate site for you, providing the necessary training to rank your new site in Google, and teach you the marketing skills for building a trusted online resource within your niche.

600 + Affiliate Sites Created
8400 + Articles Written
27000 + Keywords Researched

Join our Facebook community below and introduce yourself. Then we recommend the  Amazon affiliate marketing video course to fast track your learning. This will help you become familiar with the terms we use.

Step 2: Join Our Community

Finding niches is our number one thing!

Our "Early Bird List" is for those that want to be notified first when our new niche sites are released to the public. People on the list have the first chance to see what's available for purchase immediately.

Step 3: Browse Our Most Popular Content

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For the Experts
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Product Reviews
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