Thoughts On Staying Motivated And Rekindling Lost Motivation

I work with a lot of beginners, it's the bulk of what I do. Over time I've learned that we are all different, but we suffer from the same difficulties.

Everybody is different and brings different things to affiliate marketing.

We all have different backgrounds, different goals, and different fears about making money online. Some of us have been bitten and experienced failure before. Others have never even tried before.

The one thing we all have in common though, is that we can succeed if we just stick to it (and fail if we don't).

Me, you, the person next to you. Anybody and everybody has what it takes, as long as they can knuckle-down and persist.

The process works.

Failure is down to either a.) Not following the right process or b.) Finding the right process, and not following it.

I'll admit there are scammers out there. There is misinformation and out-of-date information. There are people who lie, and there are people who don't know what they're talking about.

There are also different ways to succeed.

Despite all this, you WILL figure it out for yourself if you keep learning, trying and growing.

You Must Learn Before You Earn

Nobody is born an Internet Marketer, not even the greatest marketers out there. You have to invest time and commitment to get to where they are.

Without that tenacity and refusal to quit, even the greatest Internet Market would have got nowhere.

What's great about all of this is that tenacity and commitment is also something you can learn. You don't have to have been born with it either.

I definitely didn't have the skill to keep going when I first started out. In fact, I quit all the time. I went through niche ideas just as fast as everyone does.

In fact I spent most of my first year coming up with “great new ideas”, when I really should have just knuckled-down on one website.

If somebody had said to me when I first started, “You won't have any success for a year, maybe even two, but if you keep at it, you'll get there,” I probably wouldn't have started. I just didn't think I had it in me to keep trying for that long.

Fortunately, I'm still here. I guess I failed so many times along the way that I got fed up with failing and just kept going.

I've often wondered, “Do I have something that other's don't? I don't think so…so why did I get somewhere and they didn't?”. I'm convinced the answer is simply because I didn't quit.

I'm still here, therefore I'm here.

You Can't Possibly Visualize The Journey – So Just Give It A Go

Another thing that people struggle with is imagining the path ahead. This is generally a bad idea to try to do, yet it's something we naturally do all the time. We're always looking forward.

This is also where the fear comes from. The fear that we're not going to succeed. Fear is never about the present, it's always about something that COULD happen.

However I think for a lot of people it's not just fear of failure that demotivates them, but also an inability to properly see the path ahead.

You definitely need faith when you're starting out. As adults, we're always trying to figure everything out and visualize the path before we start. This is generally why children learn better. They're a lot more willing to at least give something a go.

At the end of the day, no matter how clear things are before you start, they'll turn out completely different anyway.

If you're hesitating about starting your first niche site because you can't quite “see” it, just start it anyway. Even if you fail you'll be a lot better off than if you hadn't even started.

Staying Motivated

So I've covered the two things that tend to stop people getting started; fear of failure, and uncertainty.

These two things are also one of the main reasons people to quit as well (if they ever got started).

That, and not seeing immediate results.

Just like trying to lose weight, learn a new skill, or achieve anything really; if you don't see results fairly quickly, you'll lose motivation and end up stopping.

You'll have doubts about whether you're using the right method, whether you're doing something wrong, or whether the process really works.

I've said this before many times, and I'll say it again here.

The best piece of advice I ever received about Internet Marketing is (roughly) as follows:

“You seem to be too hung-up about whether or not you'll succeed at this. If you focus and stick to it, you'll succeed in the end. Sooner or later you'll get traffic, and growth, and income.”

The day I was told this, I remember feeling immediately more relaxed. I had a light-bulb moment. Life becomes a lot more simple when you realize you have to just keep doing what you're doing.

Faith is not blind. It's enlightening. I don't mean this in a religious way. I just mean that you have to have faith in yourself.

I'm repeating myself a little bit in this post and I apologize for that, but I really want to drum it into you. It's so simple.

Keep Going

So let's say that you can accept what I'm telling you. You have the faith, you want to get started. You've got the commitment, and you're ready to go.

What do you do when 2 months from now, you're still not getting any traffic to your website? You're still spending money on articles, links, all the other things that go with launching a business. What do you do then?

I think a lot of people who quit do it in the first few months.

The novelty and enthusiasm wears off, and all they see is expenses in their bank account. They try to visualize the path ahead, and they've got the commitment, but what if the next six months are the same? Wouldn't it be better to cut things loose now than go on *wasting* money?

Perhaps it would, but what if tomorrow you earn that first commission?

It really only takes one dollar to turn things around. Those first few months are up and down like a million rollercoasters on a bouncy castle. For everyone.

If you could measure thoughts, and there was a spreadsheet of every “I'm not going to succeed” thought I've had in the last 3 years, then it would be huge. Google would be telling me to upgrade my Google Drive account because I'd used up all their space.

Sometimes, a slump would last for several days, maybe even a week. These are the “trying times” when a lot of people quit.

For me, I guess I got lucky. Every time I felt like things were failing, I received a lifeline. Maybe it was a small $1 commission on Amazon. Maybe it was a new subscriber or comment.

Maybe it was a $50 commission.

It doesn't really matter HOW MUCH it was. Every single time I got one of those things, I felt immediately better, and I was able to get through it.

Now when I get a down moment (and I still do, as I suspect I always will), I just know that if I keep  soldiering on, I'll get something that comes my way and makes me feel great again.

It could be an email from someone I respect, or it could even be a new post hitting page one. It doesn't really matter.

Closing Thoughts

What I'm trying to say with all this is that when those moments come, and they will, you have to just push through them, because sooner or later something small will come along and boost your confidence again.

It's such an invigorating feeling, that it often propels you on to new highs and new successes.

You don't get to enjoy the peaks unless you have the troughs as well.

For the benefit of those reading this, do me a favor and let me know below: What keeps you motivated? What gets you down? What stops you from starting? What stops you from quitting?

18 thoughts on “Thoughts On Staying Motivated And Rekindling Lost Motivation”

  1. ” Just start anyway..” and ” you will succed at the end…”
    I will make sure to keep this article near for those moments to come…

    Thank you Bryon, you are such “a practical inspiration ” !

  2. Great Post! Bryon, you got the point. You never know what’s forward until you get there. Regardless of the results, you will learn a lot in this course. Just enjoy what you are doing.

  3. Bryon, great post.
    I have and had the same problems as you. And also I moved on when i earned something. Although it is far away from earning me a lot, but I think that I’m earning almost every month more and that I’m on the right way. I had many up-s and downs, hope I will come to get a good online revenue of 4 figure a month.

  4. Great motivational post Bryon! I know first hand I thought about giving up as I was making no sales but then as you say a couple came through and I thought hey if I can grow this some more I could make a nice passive income.

    My problem with the whole process was I had too many projects going at one time and couldn’t get enough traction going.

    I eventually pulled back on a few and pushed my eBay shop forward which is now making steady increases month on month. I am using my marketing skills I have learnt to promote the products and gain more traffic.

    Its like the snowball downhill effect you mentioned one time, you have to keep pushing it for a while but then it gets big enough to roll by itself.

    1. I think in the beginning it’s not a bad idea to have a couple of different things going on. You’ve got to see what works and what is more popular etc. As soon as you start to get traction on one or two of them though, it’s best to focus on them and you’ll get better results. As you experienced with your eBay shop. How’s that going now by the way?

  5. Whoah, Im actually need some motivation after having one of my most unproductive weeks ever.

    My motivation to push forward is my family so Im looking forward to ending the week strong so I can start the week right this time.

    Timely post Bryon, love it!

    1. You’ll have unproductive weeks and you’ll have really productive weeks. I guess the best thing to do is like you say, push through those times and you’ll find the really productive weeks to be much more rewarding!

  6. Thanks Bryon, what a timely post you have here! I have so many niche ideas recently and have been trying to work on a few of them. Guess I should knuckle down on one.

    My first dollar took slightly more than 2 months to come in and it was pretty much a drought after that. It was a rollercoaster ride because after that dollar earned, I was always hoping for the next dollar to come in the next day. Of course that did not happen. It was pretty discouraging for about a month and I had to constantly remind myself that I earned something that means what I’m doing works!

    So instead of looking for exponential growth or an instant great income now, I celebrate small successes and that keeps me going. Each milestone is worth celebrating as long as it moves me forward.

    Like what Tony mentioned, having a group of like-minded people or a community to support is important. 🙂

    1. That’s true Jane, once you do start earning commissions, you get a real anti-climax if the next ones don’t come for a few weeks. I remember at one point making 3 sales and something like $81 while I slept one night, and spending the whole week waiting for the next ones.

  7. Brent Cordeiro

    Love the post Bryon. I agree it’s a long road to success. I feel like those that got started in internet marketing years and years ago may have had a quicker path to success.

    You hear stories “pre panda,” “pre hummingbird,” etc.. where folks just threw a page up on the web, stuffed it with keywords and waited for traffic to show up.

    Not only have the Google gods gotten better at what they do, but there is so much more competition and amazing content out there to compete with. A niche strategy that you think should take a few weeks to gain traction takes a few months. What you think should take a few months takes a year.

    But having the faith to stick to it and the perseverance to keep moving forward, is the only path to success!

    1. This is true, but those people also had their incomes’ wiped out later on, so it’s generally a better playing field to be in now. Slow and steady wins the race.

  8. Graham Hoffman

    Totally correct Bryon, fear and uncertainty has definitely plagued my past online ventures. The only way to succeed is to continue, even if you think all is lost – come through the other side and there’s no doubt you can become your own success story.

    It takes time, work and patience – Just look at how far HPD has gone the last year!

    One thing I’ve noticed recently for motivation boost, get stuck in a project you actually enjoy. Niche sites are fine if you can keep postivie about the site, but I just find myself bored after 5 articles, scrapping the project within a month of starting.

    What stops me from quitting now though is knowing that each morning I go into the office, tap the keyword for 8 hours and then return home a broken man. Each time I scrap a project I know I need to start again to get away from the 9-5 🙂

    1. I assume you mean tap the keyboard for 8 hours. And yes, what kept me going was that I really didn’t like my job and wanted to get out. For me, another job wasn’t the answer, but growing this. It was a big motivator for me in 2012-2013 and meant that in 2014 things finally started changing for the better.

  9. This is a great post Bryon. So many people expect to see results instantly. They expect to earn 4 figures in the first month, 2 months, or 90 days, and the reality is that it simply isn’t going to happen for the VAST majority of folks.

    With that said, it’s so important to just keep pushing. I have personally witnessed 2 marketers in the past be ready to quit and they both just pushed through. One went on to earn over $30,000 in less than 90 days after he wanted to sell me his site for $400.

    The other, went on to build a nice $2,000 a month recurring income within the following 6 months of saying she was completely finished and never wanted to see another website.

    The key is to keep pushing and ask for help when you need it. It’s important to realize your limitations and find a group of like minded people that you can reach out to when the clouds are the darkest.

    By making sure that you have good information to follow and others to reach out to, literally anyone can ultimately succeed in this business.

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