Top WordPress Themes For 2014

There are so many themes kicking around on the Internet, one of the hardest things newcomers have to do is find one they like. The top WordPress themes for 2014 are some of the best I have seen. As the Internet gets more visual and interactive, some amazing themes are being produced.

Top WordPress Themes For 2014 – Choosing The Best One For You

Choosing a theme is an important step in website creation. It is also one of the things that most people approach wrong. Time after time I see people getting caught up and wasting too much time trying to decide which one they like. Often, in the end they choose one that doesn't really fit their site, isn't really practical, or just looks bad.

This is not a great thing to happen. When you are building one of your first sites, you want to see how smooth it can be and get on with writing the content. You want to avoid frustration during the early stages.

Therefore, if you've not yet build out your site (you haven't built the basic pages and backbone of your site), I recommend you just go with a simple theme like Twenty-Twelve or Twenty-Thirteen. This will mean you can get a much better idea in your head of what you require in a theme, and how your site structure might look.

Another quick tip:

There is no “perfect theme” for a particular site topic.

Once you've done that, you can come back here and begin looking at themes!

Theme Forest And WPZoom

My favorite place to hunt for themes is WPZoom. This site is WPZoom powered, and the sites I sell are too. However, Theme Forest does have some excellent themes too. I've showcased a few of my favorite themes from both locations below:

Theme Forest



This was the second ever premium theme that I purchased. I love it even today. It is very easy to use, beautiful to look at and has a very cool “Swift Page builder” that allows you to drag and drop page elements, such as info boxes, quotes, text boxes, buttons, and lots of other cool functions.


unite theme

If I were to start a magazine or review website today that didn't use WPZoom themes, I would probably use this one. It's definitely one of the best looking magazine style themes around.

By the way, magazine themes are incredibly popular in 2013, and will be even more so in 2014.

Unite is also great because it is more versatile than being just a magazine theme, and works great for business or review blogging too.

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Theme Forest


Despite Theme Forest having some great themes, WPZoom is where it is at. Theme Forest is a catalog of themes, so there is a chance that you will find a theme that has poor support or that doesn't work properly.

With WPZoom, that is not the case.

These guys not only provide excellent support, they make brilliant themes and bring a new one out every month. When I was choosing a company to join up with and make HPD sites with, WPZoom was the first one that really stood out to me. There are other good companies of course, but I just love these guys.

Check out some of the amazing themes they have now.



Just look at this theme! What better way to get a new site off the ground than by making it look amazing? More and more themes are going to be playing with images like this in the future, and Horizon does it in style.



I have a lot of love for this theme. It just makes your content POP. Very easy to use and comes with a lot of customization. WPZoom themes add a lot of functions, widgets, and shortcodes to the back-end of the site. Just check out the demo content of any of their themes and you will know what I'm talking about.

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Free Themes

I'm not a huge fan of free themes except for one purpose: I usually stick a free theme on my site while I build it out, so that I can get a good feel for what my requirements are in a theme.

Themes like Twenty13 or Twenty12 work well for this purpose.

However, I have seen a couple of nice free themes in my time. One of them is:



Free themes don't usually have a lot of customization options and mostly they are designed to get you to upgrade to the pro version. Still, when you are starting out your site, you might prefer to go with a free one, so there are a few you can try.

What's Your Favorite Theme?

Sometimes, you don't discover some of the hidden gems out there until somebody else puts you onto it. I'd love it if you could let me know what your favorite theme is, both free and premium, please!

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