Turnkey Websites: What Are They & Where Are They On Sale?

About 5 years ago, I started listening to tons of online business podcasts.

I'd listen to people like Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome and Chris Guthrie of UpFuel.

Both Pat and Chris would share different ways of making money online and for the most part, through blogging.

This caught my attention since I'm not technical and don't know how to write a single line of code…

But I did know how to write sentences.

This is when I started building up my own sites. Then eventually I got my first commission as an affiliate.

Life changes after you get that first dollar online but it's a bunch of work to get there.

A bunch of work that I also could have avoided with a turnkey website.

I had heard of people getting turnkey websites before but I never paid much attention to them since I was insistent on doing everything myself.

If this sounds like you, then I'd encourage you to read on.

What Is A Turnkey Website?

A turnkey website is an online business which you can take over from the previous owner and it is equipped with all the systems you need to continue generating revenue and visitors.

You'll find a lot of personal definitions from folks who are trying to sell you these types of websites, but in our opinion, if they don't provide you a step-by-step game plan then it really isn't turnkey.

You should expect the previous owners to help you take over the site successfully.

3 Types of Turnkey Niche Websites

The most common type of site would be for a service-based business.

This is because services are the easiest to start and in fact, our business/website falls in that category (we offer services to help affiliate marketers grow their business)

There are also local lead generation websites and these also fall under service-based businesses since you are offering a service that sells leads to local businesses.

The second most common, but probably the most popular, are content businesses.

(This picture is of Steve's latest earnings from one of our Turnkey websites)

Content sites generate traffic from their articles, videos, or photos and are monetized in various ways.

These sites are all about audience building at the end of the day and they're popular because you can take the traffic and apply almost any business model.

Finally, there are e-commerce sites and these are businesses that come with inventory or in the case of dropshipping, they work without buying inventory (which can be powerful!)

Again, all these types of businesses need training in order to be considered turnkey.

How Do Turnkey Websites Make Money?

Websites make money usually through selling services, a product or by selling ad space.

Services and ad space are easy to understand but “products” can be split into multiple ways.

For example, a normal e-commerce store will earn profit by buying their inventory lower than they sell it for.

A dropship store will not hold any inventory but will only purchase the product once a customer buys the item from their website.

This is really attractive for newbies.

Going one step away, we have the affiliate websites model.

An affiliate website will promote products that they don't own but are paid a commission for every sale.

Usually this is done when they share a special link (aka affiliate link.)

Here are a few examples of real affiliate sites.

You can also search for “best organic catnip” and you'll see a bunch of affiliate websites within the Google rankings.

Can I See Some Examples of Turnkey Websites That ACTUALLY Make Money?


FIRST – join our Facebook group and you'll see tons of people posting progress updates of their affiliate websites.

SECOND – head over to our “Aged Sites” section.

In there you'll see some sites that are in the very early stages of earning income.

If you go there and don't see any websites that are earning income, that means we've sold out.

If you want to be notified when we release our next set of turnkey sites, join our Early Bird email list here. We won't spam you & you'll see first hand how this stuff works.

Beyond those first two areas:

I think it might be helpful to provide some interviews & success stories of regular people that have grown their websites and turned them into money generating machines ?

Where Can I Find Turnkey Websites For Sale?

There are only a few trusted providers online.

That circle is quite small and we consider ourselves one of those trusted providers.

But, so do 7,800+ other people!

Stats from our Facebook Page – come give us a thumbs up! ?

Established Websites

1) Online Business Brokers (Big $$$ Sites)

Folks like FE International, Empire Flippers, and Quiet Light Brokerage are the most well-known brokers for the online space.

You'll find higher priced sites from these guys.

Flippa is another website that has a mixture of established sites and also poorly performing sites.

I would not recommend buying there if you are inexperienced with buying websites.

2) Human Proof Designs (Starter Sites $$)

On our site, you'll find turnkey websites that are a few months old and generating some revenue to start.

Head over here to check out our Aged Sites.

Aged Sites perfectly position you to learn the ropes of online business, before graduating to full Jedi master.

We also offer complete starter sites or custom built ones (see here)

Our sites move very fast so be sure to join our early bird list and be notified first when we release the next ones.

Turnkey Dropship Websites

You can find dropship websites available from any of the big brokers but another notable place would be the Shopify exchange marketplace.

The main difference between buying from a broker and a marketplace is the quality.

A broker can somewhat guarantee the quality because they care about their business rapport, but a marketplace really places all the due diligence on the buyer.

3 Ways To Make Money With A Turnkey Website

Everyone will have a different “why” behind their purchase but the majority of folks plan to at least grow their site's revenue immediately.

Here are a few scenarios that we see most folks in our community doing:

  1. Grow and hold – This is where you plan to grow your sites revenue and profits forever.
  2. Grow and sell – This is where you grow the site to a certain point and then sell it. This is probably the most attractive option since it allows you to take some chips off the table and get paid a big chunk of your future earnings earlier. Most affiliate sites sell for around 25-30x their monthly profits or revenue.
  3. Grow, hold, and die – This is an interesting area that a lot of private equity funds hang out. It's where a fund will purchase a website, maintain it and keep the cash flow since the ROI is so good from doing nothing. This is a situation where they simply let the multiple run its course.

How To Build a Turnkey Website

If you want to build a website and turn it into a turnkey investment for another person, you can do two things:

  1. Build it from the ground up & get the systems in place yourself
  2. Buy a starter site, or an established site, and use those systems

It might seem like we are biased towards the second option, but it's for good reason (and not because we sell them.)

The work you do at the beginning from setting up the domain/hosting, creating the email, registering the social media, etc. are really not that important when you look at all the other stuff you need to do in the business.

You could set all that up yourself but I don't think there's a point since there are services like ours that do that for you.

Although, if you're insistent on setting everything up yourself, I would suggest going with a good host like SiteGround (not BlueHost) and also join the HPD membership to learn from others.

To give you a brief look at what's required to build a PROFITABLE turnkey site, here's a quick rundown:

  1. Research, find, and pick a low competition niche
  2. Setup the domain and hosting
  3. Setup your domain specific email ([email protected])
  4. Setup your social media
  5. Create information content for your site
  6. Create commercial content (aka buyer content)
  7. Create a lead magnet to attract email addresses
  8. Grow your website traffic (optimize content, guest posting, create ego-bait posts, etc.)
  9. Improve conversions
  10. Start removing yourself out of the business
  11. Sell the site

The further down the number of steps, the more turnkey a website becomes.

How To Market a Turnkey Website

Once you get your site, what the heck do you do with it? ?

For one, you can reference this article we wrote on what to expect with your first 6 months of building a niche site and we'll also go over some quick tips below:

  • Add the Facebook advertising pixel onto your site right away. Too many folks don't do this and having the Facebook pixel allows you to run ads to visitors cheaper (you may not need this immediately but it's sooo easy to implement and it's FREE!)
  • If you're not collecting emails, try to start. Your site's value will be higher once you sell it and you can leverage private advertising/affiliate deals. Listen to how Jaron's site earns $1,000+ because of email alone.
  • Share and get links to your content from websites and people who have shared/linked to similar topics, share in related Facebook groups, answer Quora questions, you get the idea. This is mostly known as the skyscraper technique.
  • Create a flywheel. SEO is an invaluable foundation for your turnkey website. If you bought a site from us then you already have a good foundation and just need to invest some time or money into growing it. Use the systems we provide in our training.

For a completely hands-off way to grow your turnkey website, take a look at our full-service SEO package.

This SEO service is specifically for growing content sites monetized with affiliate marketing and ads.

Don't take our word for it though, take Bo's words!

5 thoughts on “Turnkey Websites: What Are They & Where Are They On Sale?”

  1. Wow, really turnkey websites are maybe a good 2nd earning. The first time i read about this type of website, I never heard or think about the Turnkey website. Sharing your knowledge and increase ours, For this thank you so much.

  2. Hi Kelvin,

    It’s a surprise that I’ve never heard about Turnkey Websites before. It’s kind of affiliate marketing where we get commission by recommending the products to others.

    It seems easy for a beginner who wants to start earning quickly. Turnkey websites are making people lazier by providing ready-made sites.

    Some say this is a waste of money.

    Which one is better Turnkey websites or Affiliate marketing for a newbie?

    Jeangam Kahmei

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