17 Internet Marketing Websites I Recommend

I've stumbled across SO MANY amazing Internet Marketing websites this year and it's only August. I'm sure there will be at least a dozen more that I find in the rest of the year (that are worth including in this list). Maybe I'll make this an annual thing.

Anyway, this post is going to highlight some of the best blogs around for anyone interested in Internet Marketing, and give a little information on them all.

I'm just going to list all the websites I can think of, and for those who love podcasts, I'll also put a list of the ones that have podcasts below.

I recommend devouring each blog and checking out all they have to offer!

P.S This list is not in any particular order. They are all amazing.

General Internet Marketing Websites


Justin and Joe have taken the word “Empire” to heart and built an epic website here. Although they are focusing on flipping websites now, there is also some great training about getting started, building websites, and general Internet Marketery stuff. I absolutely recommend their website marketplace.

They've got some excellent sites for sale up there, and thoroughly vet every seller and site before adding it to the marketplace. It's like Flippa without the junk.


Spencer Haws, and his loveable sidekick Perrin have created something special over at NichePursuits. Their “NicheSiteProject 2.0” was an amazing success and is still incredibly popular today. If you want to see a website built from start to finish where Spencer mentors Perrin (similar to what I do here), then you MUST check it out.

I get tons of people asking me if the sites I build “can be similar to apennyshaved in style”, which just goes to show how well known NichePursuits is.


I really hope you are familiar with Pat Flynn, because his content is amazing. His podcast is fantastic as well; I usually take at least two pages of notes when listening to it. I'm also a sucker for the small things, and love that he customizes the introduction to each podcast episode.

Pat likes to be “the crash test dummy” for Internet Marketing, blogging about his experiments, successes, and failures. He tends to have a lot of successes.

He also makes a mean onion soup!


Content marketing is a big deal, and so is Neil Patel. He's one of the top 100 entrepreneur's under the age of 35 in the USA. That IS a big deal.

I can't visit Neil's blog without having to start implementing two or three new things in my own blogging strategies. His info is not 100% newbie friendly, but it is 2000% insanely good.

Yeah that's an official statistic.

His latest post is a classic example of the experience he brings to the blog.


Steve is the guy who got me started online, and is now one of my pretty good “e-friends”. I owe him AT LEAST five steak dinners, and it's only been two years since I stumbled across his site.

ITT focuses on revealing online scams and teaching you how to identify them. Additionally it gives a lot of general IM tips and comments on where the trends are forming online. You can also find out how to get started, just like I did.

Great reading all round.


Nathaniell is another one of my great e-friends. In some ways OM2C is similar to I'veTriedThat, and that's a good thing. Nate also likes to blog about getting started, comment on trends such as siloing, and niche selection.

Browse around his blog and you'll find some great gems and words spoken out of real experiences.

He also does a cool G+ hangout every week.


James Schramko has such brilliant nuggets of information in his short videos. In fact it's actually a load of great information delivered in nugget form. Short and sweet.

James caters to people who need to outsource parts of their business and he delivers quality training as well. Check out some of his services here.


Stuart Walker has a great ability to break down a niche and show you exactly how and why it will be profitable. He finds some great exploitable niches and gives you everything you need to know about it, then even provides some keywords for you to start your research.

He's also got some decent interviews going on with big names, such as the one with the above mentioned Neil Patel here.


Tung Tran has another great blog about succeeding with niche websites. He's covered some excellent topics, and has some cool “epic posts” as well. He's also a decent guy and very approachable. Actually all the guys on this list are.

For a list of some of his core content, check out this page.


When it comes to creating “epic guides”, Jon Haver sure knows how it's done. I've referred to his post about outsourcing an expert roundup post at least a half dozen times, and I'm sure I'll be doing the same for all of his epic guides.

The one about PBN's was another gem.

Jon is also brutally honest in his income roundup posts, and if you're planning to pay his site a visit, you should schedule some time, as you'll be there a while.


Doug Cunnington is another guy who loves to let people know how things are done. He's got a great PBN training and recently produced a great roundup post about Project Management.

The thing about all of these guys is that they speak from experience and share it with us all, rather than BS'ing or spouting theory. Doug is just another excellent example of this.


Matt is great at explaining SEO and linking strategies without making it seem confusing or like he is a genius for figuring it out. While some SEO's love to show that they are experts, Matthew just is one, and has produced some excellent guides to back this up.

Check out his post about how he built a top 100 blog as well.


I love the fact that Ryan Deiss and his team test the hell out of everything. As you might have guessed already, I hate the “theory” bloggers who just regurjitate things they've heard from other blogs without knowing whether or not it's true. A lot of it isn't.

At Digital Marketer, they test everything, then tell you the results. Simple, and incredibly useful.


Brian Dean has some wonderful posts about backlinking. What I love is that rather than all backlinks being considered bad, people like Brian will show you when and how they are good, and how you can go about earning them legitimately.

His Skyscraper Technique post blew my mind, and if you haven't read it yet, it will blow yours too.


Mindvalley is a massive company (think Billion Dollar) and their “Insights” blog is great. There's some exceptional content on there, including a conversation with Richard Branson.


Last but definitely not least is PBSEO. This is another one of those no-nonsense SEO blogs that just gives really useful information based on experience. It takes time to learn all the things that Jon Cooper knows, and even longer to take the time to let us all know.

I really appreciate the time he (and all the others above) has spent writing such an excellent site. Check it out.


This is more of a community than a blog. It's a place where you can get started online for free, and upgrade later when you are ready. If you want some tried and tested step-by-step guides to succeeding online, go see what's on offer.

This is also where I got started online, so I couldn't recommend all these blogs without a tip of the hat to WA.

Update: Added In ViperChill

Can't believe I missed this one out. Thankfully a couple of people pointed it out to me and I've added in Glen and VC here. You might call ViperChill an SEO blog, but it's so much more than that. Check out his well-known post about getting 100 million visitors in 6 months and you'll see how foolish I was to miss him out!

Update: Added in FirstSiteGuide

FSG has some great articles and guides for getting started with a blog, especially this guide. It's worth checking them out and seeing what they do in the future.


As well as regular blogs, some of the guys above also do podcasts. Here are the ones I recommend:

EmpireFlippers (Here)

NichePursuits (Here)

SuperFastBusiness (Here)

SmartPassiveIncome (Here)

ViperChill (Here)

Also don't forget Nate's G+ Hangouts here.

Did I Miss Anyone?

Now I'm sure that in the online marketing space there are countless blogs I've missed out, and I apologize to anyone I've missed. I built this list based on all the sites that sprang to my mind where I've learned something of value this year.

Some of them I've learned a bucket load from.

Feel free to stake your claim to be on this list in the comments below, and definitely let me know if there's anyone you'd like to nominate. I'll include an update at a later date if I get enough.

What About My Site?

Can't blow my own trumpet too much in this post, but for those of you who don't know me, I make ready made niche websites and blog about successes with niche websites here.

Reward Me!

I've rewarded all these guys for putting out insanely good content by linking to them and letting the world know how good they are. It would be amazing if you could reward me in turn by sharing this post with everybody you know.

Remember to give me any nominations in the comments below as well.

12 thoughts on “17 Internet Marketing Websites I Recommend”

  1. Great list Bryon, and thanks for the mention. It’s about time I got some damn attention! LOL. I also really like the Niche Site Community on Google+. I don’t know if you’ve spent any time there. It’s a great place to see what projects people are working on as well various case studies and their results.

  2. Great list Bryon, I’ve got a load of reading to catch up on, at least 5 there I’ve never used.

    Saying that, how did you manage to miss Glen Allsopp from ViperChill? He’s always doing great stuff online.

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