Amalinks Pro Review – The Amazon Link Manager Claiming To Be “For Us”

If you've ever found yourself in the comments section of our blog, you may recognize Matt Allen's familiar face.

Oh, how far we've come!

Matt's the owner of and also happens to be the co-creator of AmaLinks Pro.

AmaLinks Pro comes at an interesting time when there other products like EasyAzon are falling behind the curve and products like AAWP and GeniusLink are striving to take the lead.

If there's one thing we know about Matt Allen, it's that he's one of us.

Which means we can expect to hear him and AmaLinks Pro speak our language since he's a real working affiliate and we're also hoping for plenty of innovations too.

What Exactly is AmaLinks Pro?

AmaLinks Pro is a WordPress plugin designed to help Amazon affiliates manage their links better.

You can search for products inside the plugin, create referral links faster, customize CTA buttons, create stylish showcase boxes, and also build responsive(?) tables (Matt says the table builder should be up next in the roadmap.)

For those who want the quick and dirty, here's what we like and don't:


  • Plenty of documentation
  • Intuitively designed workflow
  • The Showcase box works very well
  • Shortcodes for every type of link
  • Streamlines content processes so you don't have to share your Amazon Associates account


  • Can be buggy and have to reload screens twice
  • Customizing buttons isn't too easy, would like more templates
  • Need to have an Amazon API key
  • Working with page builders may be a hassle

What's Included In AmaLinks Pro?

Right now this plugin can do 4 things well:

  • Text links
  • Image links
  • CTA buttons
  • Showcase boxes

With a 5th feature down the line soon and that'll be a table builder function.

I don't think we really need to dive into text links or image links since those are pretty easy to grasp, but I will say that having short link flexibility and being Gutenburg compatible are big positives.

CTA Buttons

AmaLinks allows you to create and customize CTA buttons to match the rest of your site. I personally found the default buttons to be a bit old school looking and could use some modern defaults to start off with.Initially, when I first started designing a new button, the screen layout seemed a bit unintuitive compared to the rest of the plugin and it wasn't friendly to smaller screens (I was on a Windows Surface), but after using it on desktop it showed up better.As mentioned above, we've noticed that sometimes you need to let things load twice before it starts working properly. Not a deal breaker, but it's good to know in case it comes up on your end.

AmaLinks Custom CTA Button

Showcase Box

This is my favorite part of the plugin.

You simply insert an ASIN or search in their system for a product type and bam, you've got yourself a nice modern looking showcase box.

As you can see, the plugin automatically pulls from Amazon's API and plugs in the image (of your choice), bullet points, and even reviews.You can also customize what appears in the box as well. Taking away bullet points, the reviews, and the price (which gets pulled from the API too.)Overall, it's a great looking feature and this alone is tempting since it's saving a lot of time plus the look is modern.

What We Wish It Had!

AmaLinks is a simple and easy product to use, but there are few things we'd like to see in the upcoming roadmap.

Analytics for one would be super cool to see.

Also a nice pop-up for hovering over text links so the reader gets an opportunity to check out a preview of the product. But of course, it's gotta render quick which may be hard.

The ability to create buttons in the admin area would be great too, instead of creating them while you are in the middle of adding your links.

It just messes up the workflow and I'd rather pre-customize my CTAs and then choose the template and add them in.

You can pick button templates when you create button links, but there's no way to currently create them elsewhere as templates.

Although these wishful features are not in the current version, the price point is well matched and it's a viable option for affiliates looking to save time and improve their processes.

Is AmaLinks Pro Worth It?

If you have access to Amazon's advertising API then it's worth looking into this.

If you're also looking to streamline your operations a bit more, then yes, this will allow you to limit access to your Associates account for VAs.

The showcase box looks amazing too sand I can see this helping a lot of affiliates save time with design work. Plus everything is pulled directly from the Amazon API so you won't be breaking Amazon's terms.

As we've mentioned, and depending on when you read this, the Table builder isn't quite ready yet so we can't say much about how well it works, but the rest of AmaLinks works pretty seamlessly.

There's plenty of documentation and videos to help newbies and for experienced affiliates, you'll breeze through the interface quickly I'm sure. We have high expectations for this products roadmap and so should you!

12 thoughts on “Amalinks Pro Review – The Amazon Link Manager Claiming To Be “For Us””

  1. So, my issues is this. And correct me if I’m wrong.

    If you use the showcase option then all of that info/content/text is coming off of Amazon. So it’s duplicate content, right?

    Also, any person who doesn’t know better and just starts throwing showcases around their sites is going to have duplicate content as anyone else with the same showcase or even spammers that just copy and paste right from Amazon to their sites.

    I understand that you can totally revamp the content in each showcase, but someone (a reviewer, maybe) inform the very new or those who don’t realize it that it’s a dangerous game. In fact, it should be highly stressed on the amalinks site and in this review just that information.

    Thanks. And again, if I’m wrong, please tell me. I’d love for their to be some sort of way that it would be that easy.

  2. Great review Kelvin. looks like a promising product. Something HPD will be adopting on new sites since moving away from AAWP?

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