Selling 4 Sites For $1,000,000 w/ Marc of [Episode #53]

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Marc @ Vital Dollar -

FinCon Conference -


  • Background
  • Vital dollar intro
  • Selling the first site for $500k (web design)
  • Preparing for the sale by increasing revenue
  • Owning the photography niche with 3 websites
  • Selling 2 photography blogs for $500k
  • Managing time between the sites
  • Letting go of the third site
  • Buying a new site vs starting another
  • Plans for VitalDollar going forward


"When I’m talking about ways to make money it doesn’t really make sense not to talk about my background or write about it" - Marc

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"If people are struggling in the early stages, just stick with it. It takes time" - Marc

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