5 Unknown Niche Affiliate Websites That’ll Teach You New Growth Tactics

One of the best things you can do while growing your niche affiliate website is to take a look at how your competitors are doing.

What keywords are they using?

Who's giving them backlinks?

How are they structuring their articles?

I wanted to give you guys an example of few niche sites that are both old and new(ish).

We can go through together from a 4000-foot look at what these sites did to get to achieve their results.

What You'll Learn Today

  • How PBN's are still powerful
  • Link building with top list badges
  • How long form content is working today
  • checkUsing a quiz to guide conversions

To be honest, we won't ever know how well these sites are doing but given their traffic – we can assume quite well.

You'll see the changes a site makes through time to both better serve it's audience plus Google.

If you click on the title of each site's name, it'll take you to an archived screenshot of the site from “Wayback Machine”

1. Juicer Fanatics

Amazon affiliate website example

A quick look at this site shows that the homepage hasn't really changed much since 2014.

The original word count back then was 2700 and it's still floating around the same.

Amazon affiliate websites link growth

One thing I did notice was their bolding of all “juice” related words.

I haven't personally heard of anything related to bolding keyword phrases but it seems like you'd be running the risk of ‘letting google know' about your SEO efforts.

This is exactly part of the ‘Extra Mile SEO' methods we talked about previously. Adding bolded keywords from your target SERP directly into the content.

The structure of the homepage article is something I think we can all take away from.

Here's how it goes:

Comparison table -> Things to consider -> Types of juicers -> Individual Juicer reviews -> Shop related products (new).

I think it's got a nice flow and isn't too overwhelming.

Although I definitely agree that longer articles tend to perform better in Google, they aren't always built with creating the best reading experience.

Whereas I feel as though this site is built for that.

With around 40 pages indexed in the top 100, this shows you that you won't necessarily need a big site to perform well in Google.

Although after doing a quick look at this sites 178 referring domains, it's got a mix of Web 2.0 links and there definitely is a PBN involved.

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2. Top Fitness Mag

Example of an Amazon niche site

The first take away from looking at this sites old screenshots is that it started with purely reviews.

Starting with only commercial articles that were targeting buyers.

Now you can see the site has grown much further.

Not only are the commercial keywords still being targeted, but now the site is starting to become an authority in its niche.

Growth in referring domains

They have interviews and are collecting email addresses too.

This is a great example of a site that has grown from a standard niche affiliate site to a small authority.

Another thing I like about this site is their proper use of the silo structure.

You can tell by looking at their URL's that everything is very well organized and setting up your site in this way helps Google understand what it's about easier.

You'll also notice that out of all the 564 pages of the site – they always try to direct you to individual reviews. Something I'm sure that is very profitable.

Their best-performing pages are “best” types of posts around 2300-3200 word mark.

Again, with the previous example – this site also included purchased links.

I found a whole bunch of homepage footer links that were very obviously “out of place” – but hey, it seems to be working.

Homepage footer links

3. Treadmill Reviews

Semrush analytics for a niche site

One thing we can all agree on is:

Treadmills are expensive. It's likely a big investment for people.

This site shows how pure focus on a specific product can build trust. And that's exactly what a niche affiliate website is…


A Branded Niche site

One thing this site represents is quality, you can really see how well the branding is put together.

It's interesting that the site grew to a point where the owners were able to bring on a “face” to represent the brand.

They used the authority of a well-known blogger to add to their sites trustworthiness.

One thing they aren't is an Amazon associate though, they are part of private affiliate programs.

Remember there's more than Amazon available for you to monetize your site with – although Amazon is our favourite.

Another cool thing we can borrow from this site is their use of a quiz to increase engagement.

Thrive Themes just released their Quiz plugin as well – which I'm sure can be helpful in guiding your visitors to the right product.

Their “best” article is unique also.

They have structured the page to showcase the best 3 treadmills in every single category.

Instead of directing them to a separate page for each category – they just give you the top 3 right away.

Badge backlink strategy

If you look at the backlinks, I found a lot of web 2.0 properties linking to them.

Almost exclusively actually.

It looks like at one point they underwent a link building campaign by creating top lists for running blogs – then giving them a badge to add to their site.

That badge just happened to include a link back to their site.

Not a new technique in any way and I'm not quite sure I would try this again in this age, but it's definitely something we can adapt to Google's current ranking “mood”.

4. Kitchen Sanity

A kitchen related niche site example

Just like our first example, this site started with a very long home page article and has now transitioned to a more “brandable” look.

There really isn't a right or wrong approach to this since we can see that both types of home pages work, but personally, I prefer a homepage with featured articles like this.

Referring domains of a kitchen niche site

This site has grown in categories but not as elegantly as one would hope. It looks a bit hacked together (especially with the fake persona) but hey it works in Google's eyes.

I'd be interested in seeing how these categories would perform as separate niche sites.

I bet with the predictions of relevancy being a higher ranking score, this would have helped the site.

But obviously, with more sites comes more overhead.

One thing this site could do better is show off it's buying guides more and really push those in front of people.

They seem a bit hidden from the home page.

They're using infographics a lot as a link building technique which makes me think they're highly white hat oriented.

But after looking at their backlink profile quickly, I might have some doubts.

So let's call it grey hat.

5. Best Tactical Flashlights

A very good Amazon affiliate site

This site has the longest homepage article out of all of them.

The front page touts a whopping 12,000 words!

That's 10,900 words more than the original homepage from 2013.

Here's a rundown of how the homepage article is structured:

Quick top choices bullet list ->
Expanded intro ->
What is/Parts/Standards ->
Why use the product ->
Tips for new buyers ->
“Number 1 choice” review of each category of product ->
Course Opt-in ->
Guide based on Budget ->
Guide based on use cases ->
Guide based on personal preferences/product specifications -> Feature Table based on specs.

I can't personally say that an article this long is very user-friendly, but that's unfortunately the name of the game right now.

Google does favor longer articles. For now at least.

Another amazing aspect of this site is it's comparison table.

I wasn't able to count from a quick glance the number of flashlights in it – but I would safely say more than 50.

Building links through comments

There are two things that we can take away from this site:

One, the site already has it's pages set up for growth.

You can see bare posts with just a video with the label “best” on it. Meaning that in the future, this site is already setting itself up for growth.

Two, after looking at the backlink profile, there were tons of comments left all over related sites in the niche.

Everything from Camping to Flashlight forums (yes, that's a thing.)

From what I can tell, this site is set up to take advantage of relevancy in the future and already planning to expand its categories.

It will be interesting to see how it competes – especially with the hyper-specific URL.

Either way, I'm sure this guy/gal can figure out a way to get to the top – lot's of hard work has been put into this site and will continue to be.

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These 5 epic examples are just a glimmer of what you can learn by analyzing your competitors and even sites that aren't in your niche.

We're all here to attract and convert Amazon customers into buying more and more so don't be afraid to steal these tactics because there's plenty of traffic to go around.

For more niche idea's, come check out of ready-made niche sites.​

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