Best of Internet Marketing for January 2017

Welcome to the first edition of our new “best of” series.

This series will be a collection of standout articles, podcasts, and videos that should not only help you become a better marketer but more specifically a greater niche site builder.

Given that we have all month to collect these, we're not going to present any fluff.

And there's going to be a chance we missed something great, but this is the best that we've come across for the month. 

Expect this:​

Articles you wish were longer.

Podcasts that leave you wanting to add a review.

Videos with actionable tips in the nick of time.

Without any further due, I hope you guys enjoy these resources and consider bookmarking each months curation.

Glen Allsopp @ViperChill

Can Adding “2017” Into Your Title Really Bring 10X The Traffic?

This post from Viperchill's Glen Allsopp, showcases the beginning of his new venture – Gaps. Glen chats with Luqman Khan, who built an Amazon affiliate site catering to the technology and electronics niche. This site is earns $80,000 in Amazon commissions and has only been around for 8 months. With only 10 long-form product reviews and scholarship link-building in hand, is this something you could replicate with your site?

Joseph Adediji @ninjaoutreach

6 Places to Submit Your Site for Early Indexing​

If your site is brand new, these tiny steps won't take you more than 25 mins to implement. Although setting up your site on Google's Search Console should be good enough, it never hurts to be proactive with this stuff.

Tim Soulo @TimSoulo

Let's Remember: Keyword Research Is ALL “Theory”, Right?

Tim takes on another journey with keyword research. The thing I like about Ahref's is that they earmark to being a pioneer. A lot of the metrics on Ahref's is vastly different from the other keyword tools and a lot of things like “clicks” makes sense when the concept comes to light.

Andy Crestodina @crestodina

“Click Through & Buy Right Now”

This has to be my favorite article of the bunch. I actually wish it was longer – but I suppose that's what all good writing does. This article didn't mention anything about copywriting, but the principles behind a well-written sales letter can be exponentially applied to your review posts as well. Don't forget that everything you do to build your niche site is designed to have people do two things: Click Through and Buy Right Now.

Empire Flippers @EmpireFlippers

Pruning the Edges of Your Online Business

As someone who is becoming more of an “essentialist” every day. These quick wins might be exactly what you need to grow your business, save money, and clean up your time.

Patrick Coombe @patrickcoombe

​The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Site Speed

This is a post worth bookmarking. Your site's speed on both mobile and desktop are equally important. Each one is to be treated differently, now with Google indexing both separately. If you are at the foundational stages of your site – then read at least about CDN's. If you are much further, you should definitely read this as well because you might be missing a quick win to better your site's speed.

Don Purdum @donpurdum

21 WhiteHat Link Building Strategies

These are exactly the strategies people doing with the white hat mentality can, would, and should implement into their business. Although not mentioned explicitly, these definitely fall into that category. I think it's important to note that even though we talk about black, grey, and white hat techniques – they all work in a way. That's why most people are considered grey hats – just because we're throwing “stuff at the wall” all the time. Nothing wrong with building an asset online with different tools.

Sean Smith @SimpleTiger

​The Most Important SEO Metrics to Build Your Site On

The funny thing about this post is that ‘I would read it upside down.' Not literally by flipping your computer around, but reading the 6 points in reverse order. I think it gives you a good idea on the structure of what an SEO-based affiliate should be doing and concentrating on them in which order. A great post overall and something definitely worth sharing with you guys.

​I think at least 2 of those articles should have been the right timing for you, regardless of what stage you are at in your online business.

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10 thoughts on “Best of Internet Marketing for January 2017”

  1. Thanks for the list Kelvin. I had read Viperchill’s case earlier and implemented it on my site. And guess what my traffic did increse. However, I would recommend updating 1 or 2 products in the list tht u want to promote for 2017.

  2. Jenny Waddington-Van Hove

    Great articles Kelvin! For someone still in the beginning stages, these are all excellent things to consider and keep in mind.

  3. Hi Kelvin,

    Bookmarked ! I have already read Glenn-Viperchill article,
    before seeing this post.
    But others I haven’t seen or read.
    That’s why best of internet marketing , is a great resource.
    And it really saves time and filter out quality content,
    that really matters.

    Thank you Kelvin 🙂

    1. My pleasure Midhun. The Gaps interview has definitely been popular, but also thought it was timely since we are at the beginning of the year. I think the effectiveness of that technique would really have to be considered with the competitiveness of the keyword(s).

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