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After our most recent Aged Sites launch, I had a question from a member of our audience.

It went along the lines of:

“I don't really understand the semrush stats, are these sites getting traffic?”

We usually get a few questions like this too:

“Are these sites already making money?”

So I decided to put this post together to explain the Aged Sites a bit more.

I had assumed that the listing page had made it clear, but I guess it's not always easy to read a whole page and get the point right away, so this is a great opportunity for me to add some clarification. Thanks for sending those questions in.

So first of all, let me answer the questions:

  • Are these sites already making money?

It's not likely. We don't actually connect them with Amazon when we list them anyway, but based on the rankings they hold and the traffic stats likely to come with that, any sales the sites did make would be few and far between. As I will explain further down the page, that's not what the point of Aged Sites are.

  • What do the semrush and ranking stats mean?

This one is much easier to explain.

“Keywords in semrush” means the approximate number of keywords that the site is currently showing up for in Google. It's only approximate because there are likely many more. Ahrefs usually shows a different, but similar number.

Essentially it means that when Semrush crawls the entire web and all the known keywords in its database, it finds this particular site for those keywords.

“Highest ranking” means from those keywords, which one ranks the highest. A score of 18 for example means the site ranks on page 2, position 8 for one of those keywords.

Let's look at an example from one of our current listings:

As we can see, this site currently ranks for 127 keywords, and its highest keyword is “Protein powder vs creatine”, which it ranks on page 3 for (position 24). The numbers in brackets refer to the rank last time semrush crawled the site. You can see from this snapshot that the site's rankings are increasing, despite us not doing anything to the site but age it.

Why This Is Important

This is the significance of the Aged Sites. They are at least 6 months old when we list them, which means they have passed most, if not all of the sandbox.

This site is already ranking for a ton of keywords, already has some “review” and “vs” posts on page 3 (these are money keywords and the ones you really want to rank for), and we've not even built any links to the site.

Remember, to reach page one in Google, you only really need to build links, and add more content. Unfortunately, due to the sandbox, most people give up before their sites really start to see progress. With our Aged Sites, you can skip that horrible sandbox period and see movement right away.

Shorter Wait Time

An Aged Site buyer would only have to build a Press Release, build branding links, and then start adding more content and more powerful links, and their site would reach page 1 infinitely faster than a normal ready made site. This is where the value lies in skipping the sandbox. Instead of building links and waiting for nothing to happen, you can build links and see *almost* instant movement.

The screenshot below (keywords hidden for buyer protection) is of an Aged Site that has had 1 Press Release and 1 round of branded links built to it.

That's some nice movement and rankings there. These will only get better as more links are built and authority is built.

Again, this is something you can do with a normal site too, it just happens so much faster with Age.

Less Doubt

Not only that, but because you can see the site live before buying it, and you can see that it is indeed starting to rank, you can eliminate a ton of doubt. You can already see that these sites are doing well.

We know that the price of an Aged Site is such that not everybody will be able to afford one, but if you have the means, this is easily the best way to get started with your next site.

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  1. Thanks for the post! It was informative.

    PS: I’m enjoying the HPD podcast. It’s definitely good stuff. 🙂

    But I didn’t get an email or anything when you started it so I only found out by accident when at the HPD site. Perhaps other customers & potential customers would like to know about it, too.

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