Performing Keyword Research For Your Niche with Brad Vandenberg [Episode #8]

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How to do keyword research for an Amazon affiliate niche site.

Tips and ideas for building the foundations of your affiliate site.

Topics We Cover

  • When do you start keyword research
  • What do you do first
  • What kind of keywords are you looking for
  • What’s a good keyword; what’s a bad keyword
  • How keyword research fits into a content plan
  • How info keywords, money keywords, and long tail keywords fit together
  • Search Volume
  • Tips and tricks with keyword tools


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2 thoughts on “Performing Keyword Research For Your Niche with Brad Vandenberg [Episode #8]”

  1. I know you don’t own the site, luxuryshaves, anymore…but was curious to see where it is for “shaving kits for beginners”. It used to be #1, it is now #20.

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