Aweber Autoresponder Review

Auto responders are a big deal in online business. Being able to effortlessly build an email list of subscribers, and send them newsletters, promotions, or even an email course is an important part of any website's campaign. This Aweber auto responder review is going to explain exactly why you need to use their service.

It's just not possible to do all of this without some sort of email autorsponder service managing it for you. Even if you tried to do it manually, you wouldn't be able to send an email to more than 20 people before your mail provider blocked it from sending.

Name: Aweber
Price:$19/month (first month $1)
Overall Score: 95 out of 100

Aweber Product Overview

Aweber let's you handle everything from building an email capture form, to sending out mass mails to everyone subscribed to a certain list.

From start to finish, here is how the process might work.

1.) You create a capture form such as ‘sign up here' and put it on your website.

2.) Somebody likes what you have to say, and signs up to your email list.

3.) Once confirmed, that person is added to your mail list automatically.

4.) When necessary, you create an email that is then sent to everybody on your list.

All of these things are handled by Aweber (and more).

The Good & The Bad

The Good:

  • Great training and easy to understand.
  • Suitable for beginners and experts alike.
  • Can create ‘drip campaigns' that send emails automatically at a predetermined time.
  • Exceptional speed
  • Good pricing.
  • Training to help you with your campaigns.

The Bad:

  • No free option (but you can get started for $1).
  • Migrating to Aweber from another service can be a hassle.

Who Is Aweber For?

Aweber is used by both novice marketers and experts alike. Some huge clients of Aweber include Copyblogger and Reader's Digest.

From local businesses that just want to manage a mailing list to online marketing gurus with millions of subscribers, Aweber serves them all.

If you have a website that wants to generate a list of subscribers, for whatever purpose, you should consider Aweber.

Additionally, if you are going to be using a list for any of the following, then Aweber is pretty much your only choice:

  • Network marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Internet marketing

Other services like mailchimp or madmimi do not allow these types of promotions to be used by their services, so they're only suitable for local businesses or those offering their own services.

Aweber isn't priced that different from madmimi or mailchimp, but provides a premium service like no other. They'll also let you know if you are doing something wrong.

Get Started Now

Aweber Autoresponder Tools & Training

When I first joined Aweber, I was relatively new to this sort of thing. I knew how to post links and copy code, but that was about it. Fortunately, that is about as complicated as using Aweber gets. They have templates you can use for creating sign up forms, and creating emails is pretty straightforward too.

As you might expect, a huge company like this also has a substantial help section with guides, FAQs, and support.

Let's take a look at some of the tools available:

Scheduling. You can create an email (or multiple ones) and then schedule when it will be sent. This is particularly useful for optimizing how many of your mails get read, or just making yourself more efficient.

Drip Campaigns. Want to be able to have the same mail sent automatically to somebody after they sign up? What about having more than one sent over time? You can set up this function at Aweber quite easily.

I'll give you an example here:

Somebody signs up to your list and receives a mail, a ‘welcome' mail thanking them for signing up.

A few days later, they are automatically sent a follow up mail letting them know a little more about your site.

A week later, they receive a third mail with a promotion or other ‘call to action' telling them to perform an actuon, make a purchase, and so on.

This is all automated with Aweber and very effective at building up a relationship with your site visitor before you promote to them.

Aweber Support

A service like this is going to need good support features and Aweber has them. They treat all their individual customers the same and if you can find what you are looking for in the help sections, open a ticket to contact support.

You'll get a response pretty quickly.


Being able to get started for $1 (a month's subscription) is a great way to try out the service risk free. If you do decide to continue your subscription after that, $19 is a more than fair price to pay.

Take a look at want you get from competing services for the same price, and you'll see what I mean.

My Final Opinion of Aweber

Before I made the switch to Aweber, I used a free service. I thought that Aweber was for the big hitters with thousands of subscribers and for people making a tidy income already.

Actually I soon realized that if you're serious about your business (and why wouldn't you be?) you should be using a professional service from the beginning.

Really, $19 isn't a lot of money to pay for the best product out there.

Once I went to Aweber I never thought about leaving and just regretted wasting my time using free services. They weren't BAD services, I just felt Aweber was so much better.

Aweber At A Glance

Name: Aweber


Price: $1 or $19/month

Overall Score: 95 out of 100

Get Start With Aweber

3 thoughts on “Aweber Autoresponder Review”

  1. Hey buddy,

    Signing up for an account over at Aweber because I’m sick of the popups when I log into GetResponse all the time. Plus Aweber seems to integrate with some many more services without having to use something like Zapier to make everything work.

    I have a tiny list with no autoresponder series set up still so the move will be simple. However, I thought I should point out that Aweber now offer a 30 day free trial. It’s no longer $1 for the first month.

    Can strike that from your cons list now 😉

    1. Nice. GetResponse seems to have a large following though, I would have thought more people would complain about it if it was that bad. Personally I’ve never had any issue with Aweber.

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