Best of Internet Marketing for April 2017

Best of Internet Marketing April 2017

This month we have a true mixed bag of tips from other online experts.

A couple things you'll grab from this months collection are:

  • An action plan for building white hat links
  • Creating an SEO friendly homepage
  • Distinguishing when to target multiple keywords on a new post
  • And more…

Many of these topics are already being discussed inside of our forum, but they're geared more towards affiliate stuff mostly.

Without further ado, let's get to it.

Andy Crestodina @orbiteers

Should I Target 1 Keyword or More? That's The Question. (Here's the answer!)

Jon Dykstra

Why We Chose This.

Can't decide whether you should target 1 keyword or multiple keywords for your next article? Well, Andy goes over the difference between topics and phrases. Helping you decide what deserves a solo article and what deserves to be a subheader.

Matt Diggity @mattdiggityseo

How To Move From The 9th Position on Google to the 3rd!

Why We Chose This.

Low hanging fruit everywhere! Matt takes on a new partner with his ‘leadspring' project and goes over the changes him and his team implemented to get a small but successful affiliate site from a 19% conversion rate to 35% in 2 months.

Erik Emanuelli @ErikEmanuelli

Using Search Operators to Find More Backlink Opportunities

Why We Chose This.

Erik from NoPassiveIncome (a former roundup expert) sheds some light on finding more guest post and blog commenting opportunities from specific search operators. A quick post that's easily implemented.

Tung Tran @OfficialTung

Build 50 Links in 5 Months Using these 5 Whitehat Linking Techniques

Why We Chose This.

50 links in 5 months. That's the challenge that Tung threw out on this guest post for Niche Pursuits. I like this article not only because it's thorough on the link building tactics, but also gives you a plan of attack to implement them.

Neil Patel @neilpatel

Building an SEO Friendly Homepage

Why We Chose This.

Not many of us are thinking about homepage SEO, but it is very important. Your site is the heart of every silo and Neil gives some quick tips on maximizing the few elements necessary for a successful homepage.Neil also wrote another article that might be quite timely, if you've been affected by the Fred update, then you might want to check out how to recover your rankings with these tips.

Harsh Agrawal @denharsh

Writing Introductions That Keeps Your Audience Reading

Why We Chose This.

All of us know that introductions are super important. If you lose a reader right away because your intro is horrific, say hello to your bounce rates. This article goes over the different strategies for writing compelling introductions you can implement in your reviews, emails, blog comments – everything.

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