HPD Podcast Ep011: Traffic Types, Temperatures, And Quality – It’s Not Just About Where It Comes From

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How Brad made his first affiliate sale in 8 weeks (part 1 & part 2 one year update)

Pat Flynn @ Smart Passive Income

Justin Cooke @ Empire Flippers

Tung Tran @ Cloud Living

Types of Traffic

  • Organic traffic - free search traffic
  • Social traffic - people clicking your post in social networks
  • Referral traffic - you send traffic from another website
  • Email traffic - people have visited your website before
  • Paid traffic - paying for ads or your paying per click

Temperature of Traffic

  • Cold traffic - people never heard about you, first time visitor
  • Warm traffic - they’ve hear about you before or have visited you before
  • Hot traffic - people who have bought from you


"Does it really matter where the traffic came from as long as the person coming is the person you want to come to your site" - Dom

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"Once you get it it’s amazing but the very act of chasing it can be a killer" - Dom

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