Best of Internet Marketing for May 2017

Case Studies, Case Studies, CASE STUDIES!

We love 'em.

This month, I'm happy to share some really outstanding posts.

In the following 6 post from May, you'll learn:

  • How to properly use expired domains without hurting your money site
  • Running a monthly SEO audit specifically for Amazon sites
  • The data featured snippets and if they're really driving clicks away from SERPs
  • Generating a proper outline for your writers
  • Creating an expert roundup in the most tactical sense

We haven't found as many this past month, but sometimes that's not a bad thing since it gives those that created outstanding and original content a leg up.

Here we go!

Jon Dykstra @Fatstacksblog

Getting GOOD Free Content With Guest Post Submissions

Jon Dykstra

Why We Chose This.

Interested in getting free content for your site? Well so is Jon! He lays out the exact steps he took to gain 21 guest posts in the last month. These aren't guest posts that he's rounding up, these are guest post submissions to his own sites – from other site owners.

​Often times, we might associate a site that is willingly open to accept guest posts as having poor quality content on their site – however, as the site owner you have full control. If someone submits something that isn't to your liking, then you can ask for edits until it's up to your standards. You manage the editorial quality, just be sure to hold them high.

Andrew Hansen @Andrewhansen1

Creating a Continuous SEO Audit for Amazon Affiliate Sites

Jon Dykstra

Why We Chose This.

Andrew walks us through an SEO audit that's geared towards Amazon affiliates. I haven't seen something like this written publicly, but it's something I've certainly done before. At HPD, and for personal projects, it's nice to work in sprints and this outline for a monthly SEO audit is something to keep in your pocket and run consistently. It's certainly under-utilized by many.

Matt Diggity @mattdiggityseo

When Is It Safe To Use Expired Domains?

Why We Chose This.

Are you using expired domains? You know we're never afraid of the dark side of SEO, however, this is an interesting bit of advice for those that are creating PBNs with expired domains. Don't link out to your money site right away, read more to see why you shouldn't and how long to wait before you do.

Tim Soulo @Timsoulo

What Does Google Favour For The Featured Snippets? Affiliates Are In Luck…

Why We Chose This.

This is another case study the team over at Ahrefs have been working on for a while. It's nice to get a clearer picture of what types of search query Google is adding the featured snippet feature to. Although the article doesn't provide a definitive answer to grabbing the snippet spot, they did confirm that the markup does not correlate with helping.

Vincent D'Eletto @WordAgents

A Guide On Creating An Outline For Your Writers

Why We Chose This.

You might remember Vincent from a guest post on HPD on the different tiers of writers and their costs associated. Well, this is another post from him on the EmpireFlippers blog and he breaks down a pretty great way of creating an outline for your writers. There's an interesting mix of tools to use and I've already implemented some of them into my own writing instructions.

Rob Powell @Robpowellbiz

The Definitive Guide To Creating A Viral Roundup Post

Why We Chose This.

Rob has put together a very thorough instruction manual for creating the best questions to ask in your roundup and how to organize the whole thing. There's definitely a few pointers we can apply in our own roundups here. Although, I wouldn't rely solely on roundups for this type of promotion. Don't dismiss top lists as they're much easier to put together and can be very easy to use as a promotional tool for companies that provide links to media mentions

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