How Much Does It Take To Become Successful? [Episode #15]

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A chat about long term and short term goals with building an online business. I share my ups and downs, plus the amount of time I've committed to building a successful Amazon affiliate niche site.

If you're just starting your online journey – listen in.


  • ​The day-to-day outline for building a niche site
  • It’s not about how much time you spend
  • You should be working smarter rather than harder


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1 thought on “How Much Does It Take To Become Successful? [Episode #15]”

  1. Adrian Bulibașa

    I simply love quotations on this article. They are spot on Bryon. It’s not about quantity time … it’s about quality time that you dedicate to this.

    I have a day job from 0800 to 1800 and and a familly to take care of. I’ve decided that I want to be serious about this business model and I’m making a huge sacrifice by waking up 3 hours before going to work every single day for the last 3-4 months.

    I spend every free second that I have to this endevear ( except when my family needs me ) …

    Haven’t done any money yet … but I did absorved so much knowledge that I hope it will pay off in 6 to 12 months time ( I have still LOTS to learn )

    Awesome podcast Bryon!

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