Buying Cheap Micro Niche Sites That Succeed

Cheap means different things for different people. It's all about perceiving value. Often when I hear the word “cheap” online, I worry about poor quality, especially in the Internet Marketing world. “Cheap” usually means cutting corners, producing bad content, and generally being cheap.

With micro niche sites though, cheap doesn't necessarily mean that. Afterall, they are small sites with a small content base. How much can they really cost?

You can find some decent, mini sites for anywhere between $25 to $197. For a small site that could go on to earn you a hundred or even a few hundred dollars a month, that's not a bad starting point.

However, for every good value niche site out there, you'll find at least a dozen low value ones. Like I said, to a lot of people “cheap” means cutting corners or reducing quality. If you were to buy a $25 dollar site, it would likely consist of a lot of duplicated content, spun content, or just plain stolen content. There's no way that you can produce anything of quality for THAT cheap, especially if it has content on it already and is “ready-to-go”.

Today I'm going to talk about some options for finding cheap micro niche sites, the merits of each option, and what you need to watch out for.

But before that, what exactly should you be looking for in a micro niche site?

What Makes A Micro Niche Site?

Most of you are familiar with the term already, or you likely wouldn't be here. A micro-niche site is essentially a site that covers a very small, specific topic. Whereas “Baby clothes” might be a niche, “Blue baby clothes for 3 year olds” would be a micro niche. It would cover only 1, possibly 2 topics, and be very targeted.

The advantages of this type of site is that you can still become a bit of an authority by giving the best information on that one single topic. You know exactly who your audience and site viewers are, and you can give them very specific product recommendations.

The disadvantages are that in most cases you'll only be able to promote 1 or 2 products, which limits your earning potential. $100 a month is a good amount for a micro niche site, but there will be ones earning a lot higher or lower. The low earnings are usually offset by the low maintenance.

A common strategy is to have around 10 or 20 sites earning $100-200 on average, and enjoy a very passive income from them.

A Major Issue With Buying Cheap Micro Niche Sites

As I mentioned earlier, because small sites only need a few pages and posts to cover their topic, and don't require a lot of work once they are set up (compared to authority sites), they tend to attract lazy marketers who want to throw up a one-page site selling a product and not providing any real value to their site viewers.

The Internet is already littered with sites like this, and Google works hard to de-index as many of them as it can find. If you're not providing value, it doesn't matter how targeted your website is.

Just take a look at some of the starter sites available on and you'll see what I mean. is another example of lower quality, mass-produced sites. It's almost a waste of time and money to try and succeed with one of these.

One thing you can do to avoid this is understand a thing or two about how sites rank in Google:

  1. Your content needs to be unique.
  2. Your site needs to be engaging to users.

And another thing about succeeding with getting conversions:

  1. If people find your site boring or hard work, they won't follow your recommendations.

So right off the bat there are some considerations there. You won't be able to find sites with good quality for $25. Especially not unique ones. Sometimes you see ones that come with over 100 “unique” articles. So each article only costs 25 cents to produce? Who wrote it? Ah..a machine.

There ARE Still Options

You CAN still get some decent niche sites ready-to-go, without spending a fortune though. You'll just need to make some sacrifices. We produce ready-made niche websites for $97 right here at The sacrifice is that you'll need to add your own content to make sure it is unique and high quality.

We've done the research and construction for you though, so you're getting a business in a box. Our sites also come with a lot of training.

You can also find sites at, but bear in mind some of them will be absolute junk, and the fact sellers have to pay a fee means that they will expect higher prices.

The best place online to buy an already established niche site is Sites listed on their market place have been fully vetted and you can trust the earnings claims. They sell for a much higher price because of this,  so you can expect to pay a 20X earnings multiple there. In other words, to buy a site that is earning $100 a month, you'll need to spend $2,000.

It depends on your values, because for me the guarantee of knowing the site has been vetted makes it well worth the price.

If you've got a reasonable budget, then Empireflippers might be your best bet. If you've got a limited budget and want to do some of the work yourself, check out our sites instead.

4 thoughts on “Buying Cheap Micro Niche Sites That Succeed”

  1. Very interesting article.
    I was looking at a site just an hour ago that was offering ready-built 29-page websites. I could not help wondering what one would actually get and if 10 people bought the same option, would they be identical sites.

    They also fail to mention that you have to buy your own domain and arrange your own hosting, etc.

    How do the domain name and hosting work with your options? Is that up to the buyer?

    1. Hey Lesley,

      Yeah it’s most likely that you’d all end up with the same site, or with very low quality content that had been spun and recycled again and again. Either way it would be worthless.

      With my options I always pay for the domain name. If you check out my ready-made-sites, you’ll see that they are all unique and exist on their own domains. Similarly when I make custom sites for people I let them choose the domain name, but I’ll buy it and include it in the price, then transfer it over to them with the site etc.

      As for hosting, I don’t offer my own (yet), but I always point people to a recommended host and offer to help them set it up and do the transfer personally, as I know a lot of people are beginners and need help with this. I will be adding my own hosting into the packages very soon as well, so people don’t need to do a transfer after buying the sites if they don’t want to.

      By the way, if you let me know the website that you were on earlier with the 29-page ready-built articles, I’ll be able to better advise on their quality.



      1. Thanks Bryon,
        it makes a little more sense now. Unfortunately I don’t have any spare cash to spend right now, but will be back in the future… Need to earn some money from my niche site first.
        The site I was looking at was learntoearnsa dot co dot za . I am on their mailing list and got there via an email promoting it.

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