How To Build A Niche Website – The Way We Do It

Obviously, since we here at Human Proof Designs are selling ready-made niche sites, it might be counter-productive of us to teach you how to build a niche website by yourself. Then again, by getting an insight into the methods we use, you might be want to give our sites a try.

Besides, some people just want to learn how to do it from scratch, and the knowledge we have is worth sharing. Even if it is for free. That's how we roll.

How To Build A Niche Website – Step One – Choose A Good Niche

What exactly is a “good” niche? A popular one? One that has been tried and tested to make money? One that sells expensive products?

Not necessarily.

The best website to build, is one that works for YOU. After all, you're the one who's going to be creating it. It has to feel like yours.

Here are five tips for choosing a niche:

  1. Choose something you enjoy – a passion, hobby, or expertise you have.
  2. Choose something sustainable – something that will always be popular.
  3. Can you write a lot of things about it? – constantly adding articles is key to success.
  4. Will you get bored of it? – there's no point trying to “force” yourself to write.
  5. Is there something you can offer? – if you are helping people with your site, (info, services, products) then all is good.

If you really want to learn how to choose a niche, this is a MUST READ:

Here's how we choose our niches at Human Proof Designs:

  1. We choose a category from our list, such as “fitness”.
  2. We narrow that down, and think of subcategories within fitness. An example would be “working out at home”.
  3. After that, we'll research keywords to see what kind of demand/competition that niche might have.
  4. If we like what we see, we'll build a site around it, and offer it up for sale (along with the keywords we find)

How To Build A Niche Website – Step Two – Choose A SIMPLE Platform

Don't go for something overly complicated like Wix, or fall for some hype about automatic software that does it for you.

At the same time, don't go too simple and choose blogger or; they're too limited.

Choose Siterubix. It gives you all the power of a full on website like this one, but is free to start.

You can enter a domain name below and get started right away. (But stay on this page for more tips too).

What's great about Siterubix? Well, for starters you can choose from thousands of different templates for your site.


Not only that, but it's built on the WordPress platform, which is by far the most popular platform these days.

Finally, Siterubix is linked to Wealthy Affiliate, which is the number one training center for learning how to use WordPress and build niche sites, so do I need to say anymore?

Oh yeah I do. You can get started for free.

Human Proof Designs builds sites on WordPress as well. We don't use Siterubix, as this is a “free” platform, but we do use something very similar, so we feel confident recommending it to you.

It comes down to personal taste how your website will look in the end, but we like to make the designs a mixture of aesthetics and usability.

Step Three – Learn What You Are Doing

This is the most important part. The reason we put it as number three is because too many people got caught up and overwhelmed in the learning part before they even get started.

If you choose your niche and start building the site first, it's easier to learn as you go, and adjust as necessary.

We learned pretty much everything we do from Wealthy Affiliate, which incidentally is where Siterubix is hosted. It just makes sense to learn how to build a site at the same place that you host your site, doesn't it?

Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate here.

Our biggest recommendation for learning how to build a website is to just keep at it. There WILL be frustrations and there WILL be a lot of testing and fine tuning required. Bear that in mind, and never stop learning.

We learn something new every day. It's a good mantra to have.

Step Four – Just Get It Out There

Following on from step three, a key thing for you to do is just get your content out there.

Don't worry about making it “perfect” (An impossible task) or trying to learn everything before you start (an equally impossible task). 90% of what you learn will be “on the job”, so unless you get started, put yourself out there, and learn from your mistakes, there's not much point in doing anything.

It's tough to learn this at the beginning, and its even tougher to learn to JUST DO IT, but that's what you have to do.

Good luck!

Step Five – Don't Quit

Just like points three and four. You need tenacity in this business. You need to keep learning, and have a realistic attitude.

Moreover, you need to keep at it. You never know how close you are to succeeding, so on that note, keep going!

Let's stop this talk about quitting for now, and talk about getting started instead.

You've got two options really.

1.) Go to Siterubix and Wealthy Affiliate and get started from scratch, for free.

2.) Buy one of our ready-made sites and turn it into your own niche site. This costs money but gives you a massive head start.

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