The Journey of An HPD Customer


The road to monetary success in affiliate marketing can be long and challenging.

There will be many bumps and turns along the way.

Most people gauge their success on how much money they make, which is the ultimate goal of affiliate marketing. But until you get to that point, there are still many things to celebrate on the way.

Choosing a niche, getting blog comments published, and ranking keywords are just a few examples of milestones that should be celebrated.

Today's story is about making a decision and taking action.​ One thing we could all do a little better.

– Bryon Brewer

Hey HPD readers!

My name is Carmen and I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I have been in sales for large corporations most of my career, so I’ve always been very aware of the path I take when I’m a customer. I analyze every step of the process because I’ve been on the other side. I usually see right through all the sales “tricks” and try my best to understand the real value.

My journey to becoming a HumanProofDesigns customer was no different.

When I came across HPD I wasn’t looking for what they were selling. In fact, I didn’t even know what they offered was something that you could buy. I was a fresh-faced affiliate marketer, and like many HPD customers, found my way through WealthyAffiliate.

At the time, I was working 60 hours a week at a high-stress job with a micromanaging boss.

Apart from not loving the situation I was in, for years I’d been wanting something more that I could call my own. I had seen my friends and coworkers get laid off from high-paying corporate jobs without any notice and without any back up plan. I never wanted to be in that situation!

Shiny Object Syndrome

As I explored different options to take in creating a supplementary income (that one day I hope will become a primary income), I reviewed everything! I wanted to make sure I was putting my money in the right place.

First, I looked into Fulfillment By Amazon.

My brother and his wife were able to find a successful product that sells well for them on their second product. It seemed easy enough so I thought I would give it a try.

After doing tons of research on products and talking to my brother I learned that finding a good product can be really tricky. He even admitted to me that they essentially got lucky with their product. The first product they tried still isn’t selling well and the amount of competition they’ve seen has increased tremendously since they launched both products.

Also, the initial investment can be high.

Next, I looked at buying a website on Flippa.

They have a lot of cheap websites for sale that claim to make a decent amount of money every month, but it’s unregulated and EVERYTHING seemed like a scam.

I came close to bidding on a few, but every time I would get a really bad feeling. I didn’t want to spend my hard earned money getting ripped off. If it seems too good to be true – it probably is.

I looked at buying a website from Empire Flippers, which is a much better alternative to Flippa, but most things were out of my price range and the things that weren’t went very quickly. Even their cheapest sites have a high initial investment.

I also looked into building an ecommerce store and drop shipping…

But I struggled to find a good niche and was skeptical of all the expensive trainings that promised to make me an overnight success. The “get rich quick” sales pitch is always one you should be extremely wary of.


I felt like I had been reviewing my “options” for months…

Actually come to think of it, it was months. Of course I wanted to make sure I was getting into the right thing and placing my money into something that could grow. But you can take it too far and I was way past that point.

I began to get annoyed of myself.

I was sick of hypotheticals and not doing anything. I knew at some point I would just have to jump into the water and then learn to swim.

This was the most frustrating part of my journey. I knew I was ready to do something and work hard for it, but I wasn’t confident in any of the options that I had been presented with.

Intro to Affiliate Marketing

Finally, I came across affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate offers their first month free so I figured I had nothing to lose. They provided some fantastic intro training, and I began to start building a site of my own!

The immediate draw of affiliate marketing was that it was something where I didn’t have to make a large initial investment into my niche site, but can still be very lucrative if you’re persistent.

I started chugging along and making some really great progress on my site.

Learning WordPress, finding keywords, cranking out articles, but after a couple months I felt like I didn’t have much to show for.

I was working a full time job so I had limited time that I could work on my site. I felt like I was only scratching the surface. I hadn’t learned anything about SEO yet or even started promoting products because all my time was spent writing articles and building up my site.

You could say I was a little impatient. I wanted things to move faster.

Then a little while later when I had more knowledge of affiliate marketing, I found out that the niche I chose wasn’t a great niche. WA tells you that you probably won’t hit it out of the park with your first niche, but I had just spent a bunch of time on this site!

What was I going to do now?

Start another niche? I had just spent so much time and energy on that first site and my motivation to start over was lacking.

Finding HumanProofDesigns

Then, I came across something Dom had written in WA that I thought was interesting so I decided to go check out his site, which as we know is HumanProofDesigns.

I immediately saw the value in what HPD was offering. I could skip the most difficult and cumbersome part (in my opinion) of getting started with a niche site and actually learn the things I needed to know with an already functioning site.

The first week I found HPD I consumed every piece of content I could, and I honestly felt I had learned more in that week from HPD that I had after months of WA.

For the record…

I’m not saying that WA doesn’t have all the information – they have tons!

But that’s almost part of the problem I ran into. There was too much information, a lot of it didn’t make sense, the community felt convoluted, and it wasn’t tailored enough to what I was looking for.

The content I found on HPD was genuine. It was easy for a beginner to follow and there were no tricks. They provided value up front and gained my trust, and for that I was willing to pay.

I joined the Early Bird email list in that first week excited to see what kind of niches would be released. During my first launch a few niches caught my attention.

I figured I would sleep on the decision only to find that the next day all of those niches and more had already been sold. I was slightly disappointed, but was ready for my second launch and picked up a niche site that I’m really happy with.

Customer Service and Continued Support

Right off the bat, I knew that I had made the right choice.

The customer service team was professional and extremely responsive.

I was provided site training videos immediately and watched almost all of them to prepare. While HPD was building my site, I used that time to create a plan that focused on growth and rankings…

Which is way more fun than just writing article after article until your site is big enough! They provided a 6 month blueprint and I read success stories to get ideas.

I received my site and was extremely happy with the quality. Since I had about a month to plan, I was able to hit the ground running right away. Any questions I’ve had, the customer service team has cleared up within 24 hours.

Long story short… I’m a customer of HumanProofDesigns because they provided me with value upfront with no gimmicks before I was even a customer.

The value they’ve provided me has only grown with their improved trainings, comprehensive content, expanding services, and a no B.S. approach.

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  1. I have been in WA for around 10 Years and very glad I found HPD. I had noted I needed more than I was getting at WA as it was getting tougher and tougher to get any success with my sites as it was 10 years ago. Back then, it was easy to get traffic and profits with very little content. I realize I need to invest more if I am to get any success but I just didn’t where to get help.

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