Getting Long Tail Traffic via The KGR Method With Doug Cunnington Part 2 [Episode #14]

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This is the second part of the interview with Doug Cunnington.

We dive deeper into the ‘Keyword Golden Ratio' methodology and more about building profitable Amazon affiliate sites.


Keyword Cannibalisation


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5 thoughts on “Getting Long Tail Traffic via The KGR Method With Doug Cunnington Part 2 [Episode #14]”

  1. Hi Bryon, I am a new listener and discovered your podcast just last week. Listening to all of your episodes from Ep01 onward, I must say that Ep13 and Ep14 are best so far. These two episodes provided me tremendous value and answered a lot of my questions which I had back of my mind…Kudos to you and Doug for these great episodes 🙂

  2. Hey Bryon! I have started finding keywords using the Doug’s Golder Keyword Ratio technique. I will start writing articles next and let you know how I go.
    One question for you, using this technique or any other keyword technique you use on your sites, what % mix of product reviews vs information articles would you recommend to keep a site valuable to the reader and SEO healthy and safe?

  3. Fenimore Cooper

    Waow! So much information… As a total newbie, I’ll have to listen to this like 3 times to get everything right, I guess 🙂 Thanks for this precious episode.
    May I ask a question? When your site is a wordpress blog, is it better to have a landing page or just the list of last articles as homepage, in terms both of SEO and UX ?

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