Internet Marketing Mentorship Version 1

Introducing the Internet Marketing Mentorship Version 1 by HumanProofDesigns.

Becoming an Internet Marketing mentor was never really my main goal, but I've decided to launch into a mentorship with one of my latest customers. We're going to be completely public with all of the training I give her, so that those of you who follow along can benefit from the experience.

Why The Mentorship?

I'm currently re-doing all of the training that I include with my niche sites, so this is going to be a good demonstration for my work. I've never done anything so public with my niche sites before, and Genevieve is a complete newbie. She has absolutely zero experience with Internet Marketing.

What better person to use to demonstrate how all this works then?

This is your chance to follow along with the training and build your very own niche site. The only caveat is that Genevieve has already bought one of my sites, so we won't cover niche/topic selection in this project.

Meet My Mentee – Genevieve Castillo!


Mentee IS a real word, I looked it up. I think I'll switch to “student” from now on though.

As I just explained, Genevieve has zero experience with Internet Marketing, and only really learned about it as a way of making money online recently. She sent me an email after she'd bought one of my sites saying “I thought I'd just jump right in and give it a go!”


What an attitude!

This was probably the reason I chose her for this public project. If everyone out there would be a little bit more brave like her, we might all be taking action on our dreams too!

Since Genevieve doesn't really have any experience with writing or blogging, I prepared some questions for her as a way for you all to get to know her.

Have a read of her answers, then read on to learn more about this project:

The following segment is Genevieve speaking.

Q1: Tell Everyone A Little Bit About Yourself

I’m 55 years old, residing in Ontario, Canada. I currently work full-time as an HR (Human Resources) Admin/Assistant. I made a career change (within the same company) a few years back from accounting field. I’m a divorced single parent. When I have a little bit of time, I like to read articles, current events, health and fitness, amazing life stories.

I usually go to Facebook for my reading. I’m trying to be healthy, have time to relax and de-stress, watch what I eat, avoid junk food (if possible), move/walk around more, get involve with health and fitness programs at work. Most importantly, I try to spend as much time with family and friends.

How much experience do you have with Internet Marketing and making money online in general? I don’t have any experience at all with Internet Marketing and making money online.

Q2: What Attracted You To Buying A HumanProofDesigns Site?

I’ve been doing some research lately for something I can do part time from home to make a little bit of money just to supplement my current income. There’s so much information on the internet, it’s really hard to tell which ones are legit and which ones are just scam or not worth the time.

I’ve gone into forums, also read countless reviews. I guess that’s one of the ways to find out about these things. Sometimes, just follow what you feel and take chances/risks. I got attracted to one of the sites that I saw (HumanProofDesigns). It got very good reviews, looks like they have good training and support and not too pricey.

Q3: What Are You Looking To Get Out Of This Project?

Freedom to work anywhere, anytime and set my own schedule (hopefully I’ll be able to get rid or not need my day job anymore). Money, I don’t know yet how much, but it should be enough (eventually) for me to quit my day job, take care of my financial responsibilities, retirement needs, and spend more time with the family, travel and do whatever I pleases without financial constraints.

Q4: What Are You Most Looking Forward To?

Time to relax, read, weekends, travel.

Q5: What Are You Most Afraid Of Or Confused About?

I’m most afraid if something happens to me and I have a lot of debts, no savings and my financial affairs are not in order. I’m most afraid if that will happen because I don’t want my son to be burdened with the mess that I left behind.

I’m confused with a lot of things, things I read about in the internet. I’m sure I will be confused with some of the aspects of online marketing. With proper and enough training and support, I’m hoping to be able to get through and succeed.

Q6: What Would You Say To Anyone Else On The Fence?

Do your research (lots). Listen and follow your gut feelings. Take chances but proceed cautiously.

Good luck. Have fun & enjoy.

Thanks Genevieve!

You'll be getting a lot more familiar with Genevieve over the next 12 weeks or so. I'll be assigning her a task every week, and we'll blog about the results once a week as well. This will be a combination of how she got on with the tasks, what went wrong, what was successful, and of course, we'll blog about the results of the site in question.

Right now the site she is using is secret, as we don't want everyone jumping all over it until it's got itself a bit more established. This will probably be around week 4 or 5.

How Can You Join In?

As she's a complete beginner, Genevieve would love to hear your encouragement, tips and suggestions! Some weeks we'll “ask the audience” for advice and opinions on certain things, and other weeks we'll ask you to share your own sites if you have them.

Additionally, you can buy an HPD site too and really follow along to the T!

You can also subscribe to my email list, I'll send out an email every time a new post is up.

Leave a comment and give her your encouragement!

18 thoughts on “Internet Marketing Mentorship Version 1”

  1. It’s great that you are willing to share this. It will have risks but I think the rewards will far outweigh them

    1. For the most part the only risks are a few copycats, and since we’ll have a headstart before we “go public” with the niche, I don’t think it’s a big deal. Definitely the rewards will outweigh any risks, like you say!

  2. Halina Zakowicz

    Good luck with your IM’ing efforts, Genevieve! It’s exciting to see your website take off and start attracting readers and subscribers.Even more exciting is when you start generating sales. I’m curious about the exact HPD niche site you chose, but I know that has to remain a secret (for now). By the way, here is a good article on what IM’ing for a living is really like:

      1. Halina Zakowicz

        Sweet! I’m eagerly awaiting the progress reports…and quite interested in what the assigned tasks will be.

  3. Hello Genevieve , i am Kevin i got Bryon to made me a website 2 month+ ago i wonder what i got myself in to i got little bit of attitude trusting people but i slowly see that things are happening slowly because of my working not Bryon he said at the start this is not going be a hobby but a business to earn a income, i hope like me you have real great success in this

  4. Hi Genevieve,
    Indeed, there is too much information on the internet about working from home. I am a beginner too. For me, the more I read, the messier my brain becomes. Sometimes we just catch the chances and do it. I wish you good luck and have fun!! I’m looking forward to following your progress.

    By the way, you definitely look younger than your age! (much younger!)

    1. Hi Sandra,

      Thanks so much for the best wishes and comments! I’m wishing you lots of luck too on your business.

      Actually that picture was taken 2 years ago. I think I look older in person than in photos, but thanks so much for your comments! 🙂

      Sorry for the late response.


    2. Hi Sandra,

      Thanks so much for the best wishes and comments! I’m wishing you lots of luck too on your business.

      Actually that picture was taken 2 years ago. I think I look older in person than in photos, but thanks so much for your comments! 🙂

      Sorry for the late response.

  5. This will make for a great case study on how an good niche idea and quality training are what’s needed to build a solid foundation online. Looking forward to seeing the results!

  6. This is a really cool concept! It’s awesome that you’re willing to spend the time and energy to personally mentor your clients.

    I look forward to following your trainings and the progress she makes!


    1. I don’t wanna just sell them a site and give them some training and leave them to get on with it. I’ll draaaggg them to success if I have to. Honestly though I hope that this will lay the foundation for future training, so I only have to do it once or twice.

      Thanks for stopping by Dustin!

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