What Building An Honest Work At Home Business Is Really Like

I've been working from home (or attempting to) for around 5 years in total. The past few months, my work at home business has been my “full time” business. Yep, it took me over 4 years to create something that could replace a regular job, but now that I'm out, 4 years seems like nothing.

There's no reason to suggest that you couldn't do it too, and most likely it would only take 1 to 2 years. I tend to jump from project to project, and it took me a while to find something that worked. You get to benefit from that knowledge and do it faster.

One thing I noticed over the years, is a general misconception about what working from home is really like.

We've been spoiled by stories of people sitting on the beach with a laptop (why would you take your laptop to the beach?) or the millionaires working from coffee shops. Scammers and gurus alike regale us with their overnight success stories, their loopholes and autopilot earnings. Whether we believe the stories or not is irrelevant. Our subconscious takes it all on board, and we form the idea that working from home is glamorous.

Hey, working from home IS amazing. I love being able to go to the movies in the afternoon (just last week my girlfriend and I were the only ones in the room for Captain America 2), and I love being able to get up when I want, but there are some things about running an honest work at home business that aren't so hot.

I say honest, because I'm speaking to those of you who want to do things right, but have no idea what to look for. Ignore the hotshots with their “mansions” for now, and let me give you some insight.

1. It tests your patience, massively.

Working at home building a business takes time. ANY business takes time. It's a huge test of patience trying to get things started. A month can seem like an eternity, and you're going to need at least three before you get any results, probably even longer.

People seem to believe that making money online is done in an instant, especially with the speed new things seem to come and go on the internet. As a general rule, anything worth building takes time.

If you see somebody promising you instant successes with little work, walk away. It's just not possible to earn a large income online overnight; who is going to pay you for doing nothing?

Back onto the patience. Every day when I first started I would wonder if and when success would come. I got so hung up about it that it was counterproductive. If you're following the same path I did, just accept that it's going to work and it will take time.

The sooner you accept that, the sooner it will come.

2. It doesn't require some secret method, loophole, or trick.

The same guys that sell you some dream of overnight success will also sell you on some secret method they've discovered. The only method they discovered is how to get you to open your wallet.

There's no secret to making money online. It's so simple that anybody can do it if they follow an honest, legitimate method.

Learn more about my method here.

3. It can get lonely.

Working at home is great, but it can get lonely. Even when you go out with your friends in the evening, you might find it hard to relate them to what you do.

In that sense, it's great if you can find others to learn with and share experiences. I know 100% that I would've quit without the help of others, which is the reason why I now help others in turn.

Just make sure that you don't end up spending too much time on Facebook and not working.

That brings me onto the next point.

4. It takes discipline.

Having nobody to tell you when to work and what to do is great, but can also result in you doing nothing at all. Especially on those days where you feel de-motivated and question whether it's all worthwhile.

You've got to set yourself a schedule to follow and stick to it.

I actually give a 90-day plan to those who I help, and it goes a long way to getting them into a disciplined schedule. You don’t have to follow my one though, just make sure that you work out a schedule of your own.

5. Money comes slowly, but is scale-able

I think it took me 4 months before my fist successful website (my 3rd website) earned me $100. It felt absolutely amazing, and even though I had initially set a target of $1,000 a month in 6 months, I didn't care. I knew that my site was now profitable, and all I had to do was scale it. Get more visitors, write more articles, improve my marketing skills, and so on.

Two months later it was earning me $500, and by the end of the year I was getting closer to being able to sustain myself off my online income.

It takes a while, but once it gets going, the sky is literally the limit.

6. You need to work hard, and you need training.

I've touched upon this already, but I’m throwing it out there again for added affect. There’s no automated system that will do it all for you. There’s no easy method. It takes time and work.

That said, the work you need to do isn't hard. All it takes to succeed online is connecting people with the right products and solutions. So, it’s not hard to do, it just takes hard work. Know what I mean? You don’t need to be a genius to succeed.

Additionally, when things are in full swing and you've built that business up, then you can look into hiring others to manage the work for you, so essentially it does become an autopilot business.

Moving Forwards Into Starting An Honest Work At Home Business

Realistically, you’re not going to figure all this out by yourself, and you’re going to need help. I've already traveled down the path to success online, and I’m growing all the time. If you want to follow the path I took, then let me show it to you, and let’s work together on this.

I’d hate to see you fall for another guru and their scam, so let’s get you on the right path.

2 thoughts on “What Building An Honest Work At Home Business Is Really Like”

  1. Hi there Bryon!

    I agree with all these points but mostly with the “having patience” part.

    It amazes me everyday how focused and dedicated you have to be to make this work.

    I’m surprised at myself at how long I have been able to stick with this actually. I usually don’t stick around this long.

    It just goes to show how important it is to love what you do, I wouldn’t of had the patience to stick by this and make it my full time income if I didn’t enjoy it.

    Keep up the great work Bryon.

    Chris Lee

    PS: I l really love the font of your content!

    1. Yeah I think it took me a long while to learn patience, and it’s still something I can work on even now. Just got to look at the bigger picture and not focus on short-term. In this business, it can sometimes take a few months before you get the results of the work you’ve done today.

      I use Helvetica font I think, it’s just the default for the theme.

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