Online Paycheck Formula Review – A Formula For Disaster

Whenever I check out one of the latest “products” online in order to advise you guys whether or not it's actually worth it, I always like to play a little game. I ask myself “If this isn't the real deal, how far into the video will I get before I realize it's a lie.”

The fact that a lot of these things have the same kind of sales page (a crappy video), and use the same methods to get your money makes it a lot easier for me to review them.

In the case of doing my research for this Online Paycheck Formula review, I knew after about 15 seconds that it wasn't going to be all that it's cracked up to be.

Of course, I gave the guy the benefit of the doubt and watched the whole video, then checked out the whole program – just so that I could get more evidence to show you why it's a waste of your time.

Read on to find out exactly what Online Paycheck Formula is, and what I recommend instead.

What The Online Paycheck Formula Is Supposed To Be

Wouldn't it be great if you could get paid $28-233+ per hour, just for spending time online? Essentially something you're already doing is going to start paying you off, thanks to a lucky loophole.

On top of that, you don't need ANY experience, technical, personal, nothing. If you can use a computer, you're set.

This is nothing to do with all the other scams online (which apparently makes it legitimate), and it's a completely new system. Again, we have to watch the video for about 5 – 10 minutes to find out how it really works though.

Well that's the premise anyway. You'll see below why it's actually a load of rubbish.

How I Knew It Was BS From The Word Go

There are several reasons I can tell if a product is just a load of rubbish, but this one really made it easy for me. Here's how I knew almost immediately:

1.) The speaker claims that the general public will not see his video and I've been given a special link. Well that's not true, just go take a look, it's right there still at!

2.) The speaker claims the video will not even be live for 24 hours. Well that's also not true. It's been live since August 27th and is still there. He says he's not just doing this to create pressure like other marketers do, but that's EXACTLY what he's doing. He's also trying to get into your good books. Decent effort, but not really very well hidden.

3.) I've basically seen this same type of thing a hundred times already this year. The expression “Same sh*t, different label” has never been truer.

4.) Despite claiming it to be free, I knew that the product creator was paying out up to $85 to affiliates for referring people like you and me to his program. Assuming the affiliate payout is about 50%, that's a pretty big price to pay for something “free”!


5.) His product is based around a “secret loophole”, which just doesn't exist. There's no secret loophole to making money online, just hard work, time, and energy. This is just them trying to exploit people's lack of knowledge about making money online and technology in general.

6.) The Math doesn't add up. How can you earn $28-233+ per hour, if you're only spending 10-20 minutes per day? And how does all that add up to tens of thousands a week? It doesn't. Thin air. Numbers. Magic.

7.) There's only so long that you can watch testimonials and screenshots without being told anything about the product before you realize you're being had.

8.) He said he tested it with TWO students, then went on to show us a lot more than two people's testimonials.

Honestly, I could pick holes in the video forever, and I've not even started on the product yet. Do you want to read more, or would you rather just see how people really make money online?

Hint: It doesn't involve any loopholes, you have to do some real work.

The Product Itself

This is where it really gets sloppy. In the video where he shows you how to use the product, his “exclusive members area” is just the Cpanel of a website. This is basically the “back-end” of a website. The place where all the files and databases are stored.

He knows that it will look like some legitimate amazing software to you, and he puts a “members only” banner over his use of the mysterious “OPX” tool. Basically because it's not there, since he's just in his website's Cpanel.

Imagine if I didn't know what a motherboard of a computer looked like, and you showed it to me and said it was a teleporter. Maybe I'd believe you. This is what he's done. Brilliant!

Now the rest of the video is blurred out, but he basically shows us a Clickbank account which he just created and is “empty”, then pretends to do something (we can't see it because it's blocked out), then he logs into a different Clickbank account (look carefully, it's the same one he was showing off earlier, it's not a new account) and pretends to have earned money.

Then he logs in AGAIN, and this time hides the Clickbank ID, and he's made more. This is such a farce. All he'd have to do to fake this would be buy a few products on his own account, get the money back, and show you how much he's made. Refunds don't show up on the screen he showed you.


What Happens After You Log In

Well in case you were still thinking I'm lying and his product is actually great, here's what happens if you DO go ahead and download his magically fairy product.

It's strange, suddenly you're greeted with a $49 USD purchase page, and if you do purchase, you get another one after that. So really, are you sure this is real? It was supposed to be free right?

Obviously after you go ahead and pay and pay again and get subjected to more upsells, nothing will happen.

This is just a lazy attempt at convincing you something works, then throwing in an “Oh but you DO need to pay this small amount to get it working” once you are already warmed up and suckered in.

You won't receive any login details or anything. You've paid and you'll get no reply from support either.

Incidentally, if you did pay, you can get a refund here.

I've seen some pretty good attempts at creating fake products before, but either I'm getting a lot better at spotting them, or this one is just really bad. There's so much wrong with it, don't even bother.

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to make money online, then I'm afraid I can't help you. However, if you're looking to build up a solid income that might take a few months to achieve, but is very much REAL, then read how I did it here.

10 thoughts on “Online Paycheck Formula Review – A Formula For Disaster”

  1. Hey Bryon ! i m glad i read your words about this site because i just started here on the internet and i m very naif !!! so now if i have any questions i come here ok ? Have a nice day !!!

  2. Hello Bryon, I just saw these comments, however, I did receive login details, and I was able to login to the site.

  3. Hello, when I signed with OPF, the money went to Clickbetter. I paid the 1st fee, and was talked into an upsell, which I later decided I didn’t need. Clickbetter did refund my money for the second purchase. I haven’t gone too far with OPF yet. There seems to be some unhappy campers here, I’m not real sure what to do yet. Cheers, RobZ

  4. I have thought that fr a while now. The first software product I tried when starting out online was a Clicksure product. It was no support and worthless at getting traffic.

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