We’re Changing The Podcast To “Building Online Empires” (Plus… New Sites Are Coming!)

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Human Proof Designs began 5 years ago by making income sites accessible to everyone.

We started this by introducing done-for-you income sites, back-end support and training, as well as the beginning of a strong community.

Brad, our COO, likes to borrow the definition of “Human Proof” from Urban Dictionary and it goes like this:

1. having the characteristic of perfect usability,

2. intuitive, usable, ergonomic

3. impervious, or invulnerable to the nature of human error,

4. proven to meet expectations of user population with regard to function

Although we don't provide any ergonomic support 😜, being “Human Proof” has been a guiding light internally for us.

It's not exactly easy for everyone to see that though.

That's why we're making a few changes.

Changing Our Podcast & FB Group Name

In the coming weeks, we'll be re-branding the name of our podcast and FB group to Building Online Empires.”

Don't worry, you won't have to resubscribe or anything ☺

The MAIN reason why we are changing the podcast name is this:

We want our mission of how we help you to be clearer.

The podcast and Facebook group have been growing and we know there are some risks involved with changing brand names (just look at what happened with ConvertKit), but we also know it's better to make this decision sooner rather than later.

Help us continue growing these stats!

Our Facebook Group stats – join here

Our Podcast downloads chart – subscribe above

A Preview of What's Coming For HPD

1) The podcast and FB group will change names and also you'll start seeing designs like this in your feeds (not finalized):

2) The website for HPD will also be updated!This has been a long time coming and a lot of work is still ahead of us but hopefully, you will find it as refreshing as we will.3) We're going beyond affiliate marketing.For many, affiliate marketing is a stepping stone.The skills you learn from building an affiliate business, such as SEO, copywriting, time management, team building, funnels, CRO, etc. are all transferable.For us, we also have some transferrable skills we've built up too.While building HPD over the past years, we've built up our customer service skills, team-building skills, project management skills and more…That's why in the next months, we're going to be releasing a new set of done-for-you websites.These will be dropshipping sites and local lead gen sites.

Since the beginning of HPD, we've had many requests about building other types of sites beyond affiliate sites.

Most of these requests have fallen 50/50 between e-commerce and local websites.

There are a few reasons why people are requesting these sites and you might fall into one of these buckets:

  • I want to diversify my online assets
  • I prefer to be in touch with customers
  • I want to help out local businesses

Affiliate websites are a fantastic business model because you don't need to do customer support. However, some people prefer to deal with customers and heck, we put ourselves in that bucket too.

We constantly meet people who own PBNs, run ecommerce stores, and also have affiliate sites.

That's actually the short list of things they own!

If you'd like to learn more and be notified of the dropshipping and local lead gen sites, please sign up here:

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We can't wait to show the new income sites, our new website, the podcast, FB group and more!

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