Building a 2nd Million Dollar Content Business (& Pitching Investors) w/ Matt Ross of [Episode #69]

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Matt and his partner Jeff Rizzo are building another million dollar affiliate brand.

This time their attention has gone to the mattress niche and we deep dive into balancing between projects, creating review content, & pitching investors. 

Tune in now!


  • Niching down from a general review site
  • Growing 2 large Youtube Channels
  • Creating a valuable asset with stand out content
  • CRO using video
  • Link building strategies
  • Getting outside investment to fuel the growth of their Affiliate business
  • Creating a pitch deck



1 thought on “Building a 2nd Million Dollar Content Business (& Pitching Investors) w/ Matt Ross of [Episode #69]”

  1. Hi Matt, I had a question about your partnership.

    When your friend asks you to join up with him on the site, what are the terms? Do you go 50/50 into the business, or was it less since he started out with it first?

    I’m asking because I’m at a position where I may want to do the same thing and ask one of my close friends to partner up with me on my business, but I don’t know what’s fair to offer him. It’s a profitable business (affiliate sites and ad-based sites mainly) but I got it to profitability on my own without them.

    What’s a good percentage of the company to give to them where they will have skin in the game and be a good partner, but also reflects that the business was built before his entrance into the company?

    Also, when they join in and be a partner, should they have to buy into the company?

    Thank you!

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