HPD Podcast Ep016: An Intro Into PBNs with Kevin Graham

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  1. How to get started with PBN's
  2. What kind of things to consider with PBN’s
  3. What kind of budget you might need
  4. How does hosting work

2 Types of PBN:

  1. Public Blog Networks
  2. Private Blog Networks

Options For Getting a Domain For a PBN

  1. Expired Domains
  2. Auction & Backorder Domains


"A true PBN is private it’s not something you’ll be renting links on" - Kevin

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"Hide your site but blend it in with the crowd of legitimate sites" - Kevin

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"Once you can go full-time, you just have so much more ability to get stuff done" - Dom

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"It doesn’t matter if you’re using PBNs as long as you’re not doing stupid stuff with the actual link itself" - Dom

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"Just because it’s a guest post it doesn’t mean it’s white hat" - Dom

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  • Hey Dom! Thanks for having me on the podcast, I’ll be here in the comments if anyone has any questions.

    • Alejandro

      Hey Kevin, great episode! Thanks for sharing your knowledge on PBNs here