Troubleshooting A Sites Progress with Alex Sol [Episode #17]

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Is your site not doing as well as you'd like? Alex takes us through what you should do to troubleshoot the growth of your site.

Learn new strategies, tactics, to climb the rankings.


Ranking factors

  1. Content – Quality, consistency and
  2. Technical things – like Google Analytics and Search Consult

Is There a Number of Webpages Required to be Successful?


Alex Sol @ Extra Paycheck –

Jungle Scout –

Brian Dean @ Skyscraper Technique –

Things to look at even if everything is working just fine

  1. Monetization
  2. Links
  3. Look at the actual niche or do some niche research


1 thought on “Troubleshooting A Sites Progress with Alex Sol [Episode #17]”

  1. Anyone who’s done SEO for clients knows exactly what Alex has gone through. Really enjoyed this episode and his perspective on the bigger picture, will definitely check out Alex’s podcast!

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