From IBM Employee To $10K/Mo Authority Site w/ Sumit of [Episode #55]

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Sumit has grown TrumpExcel to 1MM monthly visitors and is earning between $8-10k/mo.

Armed with 30k email subscribers, he has launched dozens of courses and today we talk all about funnels, email marketing, and even his new Amazon affiliate websites!


  • How TrumpExcel got started
  • Size of TrumpExcel
  • Launch processes
  • TrumpExcel's Youtube growth
  • Amazon affiliate sites
  • Content processes
  • Buying websites
  • Growing a newly purchases site
  • Time management


Sumit's main authority site, Trump Excel –

Sumit's other blogging site, Craft of Blogging –

The Hundred Dollar Start-ups By Chris Gullibeau –

Jeff Walker the Product Launch –

15 Personal Finances Blogs in India –


2 thoughts on “From IBM Employee To $10K/Mo Authority Site w/ Sumit of [Episode #55]”

  1. It seems you are good at seo because i found it on 1st page. Creating blog is easy but ranking it on search engine is difficult task. write something on it. so that it can help new bloggers like me.
    Or give me link if you have allready written some tips.

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