Finding Ideas For Your Niche [Episode #6]

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How do you find ideas for your affiliate site? We cover ideas for where and how you can start brain dumping a whole bunch of ideas before you start your keyword research.

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Finding Ideas for your Niche

Golden Rule:

1) Your niche does not need to be unique – Find low competition, not zero competition.

Reasons why:

– It proves that the niche works

– It gives you someone to emulate if you’re not sure how to monetize it

– It’s a lot easier if you’re not the only person in a certain niche

2) Following your passion is a double edged sword

Why passion is still important:

– You should use your passion to fuel your work!

3) Test it and see

6 Ways to Brainstorm and Come up with Ideas for Niches

  1. Make a mind map or list down all of your interest and passions
  2. Go into the library, look at book, magazines, TV ads.
  3. Look online, or any other Amazon.
  4. Goto Clickbank
  5. Goto Commission Junction
  6. Headover to SEMrush


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