Best of Internet Marketing for March 2017

I would have to say this is our best roundup so far for this series. Yes, we've only done 3 so far – but this one's jam-packed with laser-focused tutorials. Really actionable stuff that should keep you busy for more than a month and plenty to save in your pocket app.

Here's what you should expect:

  • A solid understanding of link juice and PBNs.
  • Ideas for increasing engagement with your audience.
  • Affiliate programs, ad networks, and conversion tips to boost your income.
  • Finally, a success story that goes 0-$3,000 per month in a little over a year.

Nick Loper @NLoper

Use Google Search Console To Get 34% More Traffic

Jon Dykstra

Why We Chose This.

Nick originally helped inspired Human Proof Designs' Pinterest strategy, so it's great to see him put out this tactical post on utilizing Google's search console. The premise is to upgrade your content, align, and increase the topic further using the search data provided.

Greg Nunan @GregNunanAU

A Guest Posting Strategy Where You Can Use Exact Match Anchor Text (Works best for a portfolio of sites)

Why We Chose This.

CloudLiving has been hitting it out the park lately with their guest posts. This one is no different. Greg introduces the concept of reciprocation (which we talked about in our first 50 backlinks tutorial) but geared towards guest posting. None the less, it's still an interesting take on link building. But warning, this post is positioned towards those with at least two sites that are similar, but not competitive. Read the post to see what we mean.

Jon Dykstra @FatStacksBlog

15 Month Old Niche Site Earning $3,000 Per Month Average

Why We Chose This.

Jon highlights a fairly young niche site that's averaging $3,000 a month in the health space. One interesting thing is the site owners ability to grab the rich snippets on Google's SERPs. They're not only monetizing with Amazon associates but different ad networks too. It's a excellent post with plenty of resources for people to check out.If you'd like to see more posts like this, we have our own collection of success stories here.

Matt Diggity @MattDiggitySEO

Everything You Wanted To Know About Link Juice and PBNs

Why We Chose This.

A very cool post from Matt Diggity on the theory of link juice and its effects with a PBN. There are tons of acronyms in here but Matt helps us out with some interesting visuals and well-written content for an invariably difficult topic to explain.

Perrin Carrell @AuthorityHackr

55 Affiliate Programs Worth Knowing About

Why We Chose This.

Last month, with the new changes in Amazon's affiliate program – people were thinking it might be a good idea to at least explore some alternatives. Although the dust has now settled and people have mentioned either experiencing a minor change or improvement in their earnings, this list is definitely worth looking at.

Joshua Hardwick @JoshuaCHardwick

Creating Linkable Assets For Your Audience

Why We Chose This.

For those of you that have decided to move forward and invest in a tool for your niche audience. This a great post filled with examples of linkable assets that are definitely inspiring. I think the most important lesson here is that you can take ideas from other niches and apply them to your own.

Gregory Elfrink @EmpireFlippers

The Risk & Rewards of PBNs – Yes, They Still Work.

Why We Chose This.

If you're familiar with what we write on the blog, you might say we fall into the “white hat, with grey stripes” category. We know PBNs still work, but of course there are pitfalls and advantages to both grey hat and white hat tactics. Here's a feature that Bryon was quoted in that explains the risk and rewards of PBNs.

Doug Cunnington @NicheSitePM

17 Tips For Boosting Amazon Affiliate Commissions

Why We Chose This.

This is a guest post from Doug Cunnington on – an Amazon link management tool. With the recent changes to Amazon's commissions, you might want to consider apply a few of these conversion tricks. Even if your commissions went up, you should still read this.

Neil Patel @NeilPatel

A Tutorial on Mobile Keyword Research

Why We Chose This.

Google recently announced the separation of two indexes: mobile and desktop. Meaning that your search rankings are different on both indexes. This blog post from Neil highlights some important aspects of mobile search I'm sure none of us have paid attention much to – until now.

Harsh Agrawal @shoutmeloud

Lower Bounce Rates With Better Engagement

Why We Chose This.

Everyone should be aiming to reduce their bounce rates. High bounce rates not only lead to lower rankings but they also decrease commissions. You need people to click through your affiliate links in order to get that ‘oh-so-beautiful commission!' Engagement is one of the three pillars of SEO and this post dives into best practices for formatting and visuals.

Told you that was going to be a good collection. I especially enjoyed Matt Diggity and Jon Dykstra's posts.

Now realize that every reader of this blog is likely at a different stage of their niche site, so let me know if the curation was right for you or what you'd like to see more of in the comments.

I encourage you to check out our start here page to find some extra content and if you're in the market for beginning a new niche site, let us save you the hassle and build you one.

Well that's the end of this months collection, until next time… Happy niche building!

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