Going Full-Time With Affiliate Sites ft. Duke [Episode #60]

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Duke walks us through his three main niche sites and what he's learned building up his portfolio. We talk unique keyword research tactics, the ROI of single review content, and being audience oriented.

Listen in now to upgrade your online business skills!


  • Duke's 3 sites: one ad site and two affiliate sites
  • Lessons learned from building a general review site
  • Rethinking backlinks
  • Getting more out of the Keyword Golden Ratio
  • Conversion rate optimization


Duke Taber @ HPD Episode 36 – https://www.humanproofdesigns.com/podcast36/

Human Proof Design Facebook Group – Niche Site Entrepreneurs – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1165987043433051/

Doug Cunnington @ Niche Site Project – https://nichesiteproject.com/ 

Neil Patel’s UberSuggest – https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/

Content Egg – https://wordpress.org/plugins/content-egg/


7 thoughts on “Going Full-Time With Affiliate Sites ft. Duke [Episode #60]”

  1. Awesome podcast!- one question though. For the social media tactic Duke mentioned, what did he mean by copying the first paragraph of the post? I’m not sure I understand. Is he using the blog post’s first paragraph in his social media posts? Not sure how that’d work with Twitter and a character limit, or if Google would notice duplicate content or something. Excited to try it out!

    1. Domain authority and Page Authority – One is for a domains strength, the other is for the specific pages’s strength.

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