Takeaways From 5.1 Billion Keywords w/ Tim Soulo of Ahrefs [Episode #61]

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Today we sit down with Tim Soulo of Ahrefs to chat about their latest SEO experiments and how things look under the hood of their business. This episode is jam packed with data-backed takeaways we can use to for our own niche sites.

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  • How Tim Soulo joined Ahrefs
  • Takeaways from their SEO experiments
  • Click stream data
  • Internal linking
  • What does the Ahrefs team look like
  • Googles crawl bot & Ahrefs crawl bot
  • How Ahrefs is creating their own search engine


Ahrefs SEO Tool – https://ahrefs.com/

Ahrefs Study on “Ranking #1 and why it's not so important” – https://ahrefs.com/blog/ranking-number-one-is-overrated/

Ahrefs Keyword Difficulty – https://ahrefs.com/keyword-difficulty

Ahrefs Study for “how long it takes to rank” – https://ahrefs.com/blog/how-long-does-it-take-to-rank/

Sparktoro – https://sparktoro.com/

Long Tail Pro – https://longtailpro.com/


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