Surviving an Amazon Affiliate Audit w/ Doug Cunnington of [Episode #66]

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To help prepare and protect your affiliate site business, we are bringing on Doug Cunnington today to chat about his recent experience getting audited by the Amazon Associates Program.

Learn what you should do in this situation, how you can avoid it and a couple other scenarios.

Tune in now!


  • Doug’s background
  • Doug’s Amazon Affiliate portfolio
  • What Doug did step by step for his audit
  • A search and replacement technique
  • Website Images
  • Usage of Amazon Branding and Call to Actions
  • Takeaways from the audit
  • Link Building
  • Tips or Strategies in building links
  • Thoughts on cloaking
  • Affiliate links in emails
  • Affiliate links in eBooks
  • Thoughts on Star Ratings



6 thoughts on “Surviving an Amazon Affiliate Audit w/ Doug Cunnington of [Episode #66]”

  1. Great episode – thanks for your insights.
    Directly went into my email account and set an alarm on anything from amazon, so i wouldn’t mis ny notifications.

  2. I am one of the person who use amazon affiliate, and its tedious job to find good results each time. I have been reading your blogs for quite some time and thanks for your really helpfull informative content.

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