Digital Real Estate & UX for Affiliate Websites w/ Paul of & [Episode #67]

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Paul Bromen walks us through his journey building 2 affiliate websites.

We go over the concept of digital real estate and his thought process for diving into this space. Learn about perfecting your HARO pitch, content wins, and more!

Tune in now!


  • How Affiliate Sites are really the digital real estate on the online spaceHow Paul’s taken design elements from his mobile games backgroundUsing technical aspects of SEOThe bite, snack and meal conceptHow to perfect your HARO pitchWhat Paul’s content team look likeWhat it’s like getting hacked by some Japanese hackersHow can you protect yourself from hackers as well


  • Paul @ Helpful Habitat – A Mattress – – COULDN’T FIND THE GAME HE MENTION)Groupon – – Flippers – – – – Refs –


1 thought on “Digital Real Estate & UX for Affiliate Websites w/ Paul of & [Episode #67]”

  1. Seems like the website is only best y for z posts. Tip for Paul is to go for informational content as well, because this type of websites ar getting lower and lower rankings.

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