An OnPage SEO Experiment with 50 Niche Sites w/ Dan Cuttridge of OnPage.Academy [Episode #71]

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Dan walks us through an experiment where he created 50 niche sites using multiple OnPage tactics and now focuses on 5 of those sites today.

We go through technical SEO, moving away from the authority site movement and more!

Tune in now!


  • Transition from 50 websites to 5 main ones
  • Link Sculpting
  • Site Map Optimization
  • Schema
  • Off-Page Tactics
  • “Indexing well”
  • Crawl Sculpting
  • Canonicals



15 thoughts on “An OnPage SEO Experiment with 50 Niche Sites w/ Dan Cuttridge of OnPage.Academy [Episode #71]”

  1. Thanks again for having me on the show Kelvin. I sincerely hope it gives people some ideas to go out there and try forging their own path a bit. Plus all the technical stuff is always great to chat about =] Thanks all!

  2. Hi Daniel,

    I really enjoyed this podcast! Looking forward to going through the resources you have on On-Page.Academy.

    One quick question that I have, you mentioned several on page optimizers (I think Page Optimizer Pro was one of a few). What were the other ones? I think one was Surfer SEO, but I couldn’t make it out. Thanks!

    – Pedro

  3. Question about crawl sculpting. Was Daniel saying that for a typical niche site that you should have all your posts clickable from the main menu? So basically you’d hover over a menu item to see a dropdown list of pages, and all or most of your pages should be available to click this way from the various menu items?

  4. Thank you, Kelvin, stumbled on this video and this was so informative. I am a novice about SEO but you have taken me halfway really appreciate. Looking forward to more great SEO tips and lessons.

  5. Sorry, I did not get all the changes he has suggested to do on the home page to remove unessesary links. I understood the ‘Read more’ button needs to go, but what else?

    Thank you!

    1. Just think about using a flatter site map, where it only takes a 1-2 clicks to get anywhere on the site. But keep in mind these are very low content sites that he was just starting with.

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