Building a Million Dollar Consulting Business Online w/ Shirag Shemmassian of [Episode #72]

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Today we're joining Shirag as he launches into building his own personal online empire.

Shirag's consulting business reached 7 figures this year and he's been doing it ALL ON THE SIDE!

A true hustler, right? Let's catch up with him…


  • How Shirag's consulting business works and reached 7 figures online
  • Copywriting Skills
  • SEO
  • Sales Funnel
  • Recruiting, Hiring and Management



3 thoughts on “Building a Million Dollar Consulting Business Online w/ Shirag Shemmassian of [Episode #72]”

  1. Nice podcast as Consulting Business is the major part of the online industry and it’s always important for you to have a road map developed how you do your work. Also, we notice that you’ve discussed about sales funnel as it’s the backbone of an online business. Also, it’s great that you’re sharing a success story of a people out there. BTW great new intro. Keep doing such kind of events in the future as well. Great work.

  2. Hi Kelvin, Team, congrats on the branding change. This was great talk too; interesting business outside the usual affiliate and info product space.

    Headsup, it seems that you have the wrong release notes out there on the podcast platforms. The info above is not attached when viewing in the podcast players.

    Btw, Kelvin, are you accessible anywhere else? Not active on Twtr, FB, etc is understandable. Maybe adding a contact form to the author pages here on HPD would be a good approach?

    Keep up the good work! Thanks.

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