Prime Day Gadgets And Tools For Affiliates

Last week we published a post talking about how Amazon affiliates can benefit from Prime Day. It was well received, and we're sure a lot of affiliates will get a nice income boost from it.

But then we got thinking..

What about the other side of the coin? Are there any deals that you guys would love to know about?

So we put our heads together and came up with a few of the best productivity gadgets that are available on Amazon, and included in the Prime Day deals.

Productivity is a huge part of my day, so I'm sure it is important to you too!

Some of the items below are excellent and we've used them for years, and others are more “fun selections”.

Feel free to share some others in the comments!

Great Productivity Tools And Planners

Daily Productivity Planner

I'm a big fan of notepads and productivity planners. I have found that some in the past actually overcomplicate things, and you spend so much time figuring out your system and planning everything, you don't actually get anything done.

I'm pretty fussy about notepads. They need to have the right spine, the right texture, and the be the right size. 

I've walked out of office stores in disgust before because they have such a poor selection!

This particular planner is great though. It's got a balance between helpful sections for organization, and the ability to be flexible.

HPD was pretty much built on notepads, I've gone through dozens in the past few years. I never understand how people can make notes on their laptops, but that's just me I guess.

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