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A few weeks back, I was asked to review the new niche site course from Rank XL and its owner, Chris Lee. The name sounded familiar, but I had never visited the site itself, and had no idea what the course would be like.

At first I didn't think it was a fit for my audience, because it covers Adsense sites, and I'm not a huge fan of Adsense, despite there being some obvious benefits for it.

After going through the course for less than an hour, I soon changed my mind, and realized that not only did I have to introduce this course to everybody, but I had also learned from it myself.

It's always nice to learn something new, but Chris definitely gave me a few light-bulb moments, and I'm looking forward to building a few niche sites in his style.

Let's dig into this Rankxl review proper now, and I'll show you the nuts and bolts of the course.

Name: Rank XL

Owner: Chris Lee

Website: RankXL.com

Price: $147 (Reduced from $197)

Rating: 95%

What Is Rank XL?

The course is based around building Adsense sites, but actually I think the value is so much more. You could adapt the teachings to Amazon sites, or any real niche site for that matter.

Chris talks you through the steps of selecting a niche, researching keywords, building out the content, structuring the site, getting traffic, getting links, and everything you need to know.

What's interesting is that he doesn't just teach the same old strategies about choosing a keyword with 1,000 searches and low competition. He does things a little differently.

Chris teaches you how to target the main keywords, the ones with 30,000 and more monthly searches, and based on my recent experiences, he's right about how to do it as well.

Who Is It For?

This is for anybody who wants to make money with niche sites. I honestly believe that his methods don't have to be exclusively for Adsense either.

You will need experience with setting up a website and using WordPress, but aside from that, complete beginners should be able to follow Chris's course.

The more advanced and intermediate among you will benefit too though. Like I said, I got a lot of value out of it myself, and I've been in this business a while.

Essentially, if you want to learn a different way of approaching niche sites, almost like an authority site, then this is definitely for you.

What Did I Like?

I liked the way the course is presented in short, easily digestible lessons. I originally logged in intending to just check it out, but I stayed for a couple of hours and went through the entire course. It's very easy to follow and you'll find yourself moving through the modules in no time.

I also liked the training itself. Chris has a very good way of explaining things, and he is clearly knowledgeable on the subject (his earnings reports back that up too!).

It's a very wholesome course, and you'll get a lot out of it.

For most of the course, Chris teaches things by using examples, and this is particularly useful in the keyword/niche research modules, where it makes it much easier to visualize.

Check Out Rank XL Now

What Didn't I Like?

Perhaps the fact that the lessons are so digestible and bite-sized means that sometimes I was left wanting further explanation or expansion in some lessons. However, as I mentioned above, I really like how bite-sized the lessons are, so I'm willing to overlook this.

There wasn't really much that I didn't like.

How Is It Laid Out?

As you may have guessed, it's laid out in short lessons.

In total there are two major parts, and each part has a couple of modules. Each module has anywhere from 3-10 lessons. See the overview here:


Honestly, you might think it will take a while to get through, but you can get through the whole course in an afternoon, and then go back into more specific lessons later to review or let it sink in further.

The Course Content Itself

This is of course the most important thing. Does Chris actually teach you anything worth knowing?

I can safely say that he does. Not only does he give you some very good directions and important lessons, but he also teaches by using examples. It's very easy to follow it, which is perhaps the most important part.

As someone who has created courses himself, I know how hard it is to transfer your own knowledge onto digital paper, and Chris has excelled at this. I not only learned from the actual lessons, but I learned how to deliver them.

While a pure text-based course might seem like a lot of heavy reading, this was very easy.

Let's look at some of the things Chris teaches:

Part 1: Getting The Site Up

Module 1: Niche & Keyword Research

This module is one of the best in the course. Chris does keyword research a bit differently from how others do it, but my own experiences in recent years tell me that he is spot on. Relying on lots of smaller posts to target one keyword each is the wrong way to do things.

In these 9 lessons, Chris shows you how you can create 1 or 2 mega posts that will rank for dozens of keywords each, and bring in thousands of visitors per month. Like I said, based on my own experiences, I know he's telling the truth. His methods work!

Module 2: On-Site SEO and Site Structure

In this module, Chris shows you how to put the site together, how to do that tricky on-site SEO, and how to get yourself set up. Even a very new website builder can follow this too, which is testament to his teaching skills.

Part 2: Getting The Money

Module 1: Link Building, Inreasing Rankings, and Traffic

Want to get white-hat links? Want to avoid PBN's? Want to do outreach properly? You need to read this module. In fact, this module is so useful that you can apply it to any website, and even full-scale businesses will benefit from it.

Module 2: Making Money With Adsense

If you ARE going with an Adsense site, this is what you need to know about getting the most out of your ads.

Module 3: Growth And How Everything Comes Together

This is the summary module, and the “How to take your site forward” module. It's the final icing on the cake and will show you how to get your site moving onto other niches and towards the $10,000 a month target that Chris will tell you to aim for.

Long story short, Chris covers everything you need to know, but if you are still confused, his email inbox is open. More on this later.

The Price

At $197 USD, this is an absolute bargain, and for the next few days, you can get it for $147. I'm sorry if you were hoping it was going to be $47 or less, but $197 really is a great price. You're getting knowledge on how to build websites that will make you thousands, and it's something you can return to over and over again.

If you apply Chris's lessons and take action, you WILL NOT FAIL to make your money back and then some. Investing money in your education isn't something to take lightly, and if you expect to just pay the money and get rich, I'm afraid you will be wasting it.

However, if you want to be given top quality education that will get you to where you want to go, then I can safely say I fully recommend Chris's course. Rank XL will not let you down, I'm sure of it.

There are also the bonuses to consider…


Rankxl comes with the following bonuses:

  1. Niche Site Blueprint
  2. Deep Dives (in-depth looks at the core strategies mentioned in the course)
  3. 3 Month Checklist
  4. PDF Cheatsheets
  5. Q&A Pack
  6. WordPress Themes (These alone are almost worth the whole course fee)

If you do buy it and decide it's not for you though, there's a money back guarantee, just to sweeten the deal.

The Author

I've mentioned Chris Lee quite a few times by now, but what's he really like? Does he really know what he's talking about?

If you look through his blog and see all his other free lessons and instructions, you'll know that he's not faking it. He really does have oodles of experience, and his monthly income reports will show you that he practices what he preaches. He makes a lot of money, and I'm not surprised.

On top of that, he's a decent guy. I've emailed him quite a few times with support questions (more on that below), and he's always got back to me with good answers in a timely manner.

I'm really glad I checked out his course, because he's now on my radar, and I will keep following him for some time.

The Support

With a lot of static/digital courses, the support is very important. You will almost definitely have some questions as you go through the course, and you'll wonder if things are still as relevant today as they were when it was first written (The course is only 1-2 months old at the time of writing this).

A whole section of the site is dedicated to support. When I emailed Chris, I found that he was fast to reply, friendly, and of course, super helpful.


As well as this, Chris is also active in asking for feedback. This is good for two reasons. Firstly, because it means he's open to criticism and improving the course, and secondly because it means the course will likely stay up to date for a very long time, as he is clearly committed to keeping it fresh.

Chris finishes off the course by asking for feedback
Chris finishes off the course by asking for feedback

Final Thoughts

In case you hadn't figured it out by now, I definitely recommend this course. It's good for beginners, it's good for intermediates, and it's good for experts.

The pricing is fantastic, the content is better than the pricing deserves, and the whole thing is a very straightforward blueprint for success.

I sound like a mixture of a gushing schoolchild and a corny sales pitch, but I'm writing this based on my true thoughts, so I guess I better go get ready for school.

My Bonus

If you decide to check out this course and use my affiliate link (this one), then I'll give you a $35 discount on a custom site build. This means that not only will you learn exactly how to succeed with an Adsense site, but you can have someone else build it for you.

With that said, you shouldn't need this bonus to see the value of the course. It's just my way of saying thank you.

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  1. Hi Bryon. I see this course is being updated and due for release again in January 2017. Are you still offering a discount on site builds for buying through your link?

  2. Hi Bryon,

    A good review of the RankXL course from Chris. I bought the
    course through your link and it was an excellent read. So many factors like
    anything that determine success. However Iโ€™ve bought a number of books and Iโ€™d
    say this tops all of them in terms of explaining how to do this.



  3. Bryon, just for the sake of being clear here, please proofread this article again and make prices consistent.

    I believe the RankXL course is $197, which you correctly mention first. Then you make several references to a $97 price, which I’m a lot more interested in than $197 ๐Ÿ˜‰ Are you offering a $100 USD discount through some special arrangement with Chris?

    Second you mention that you are offering your own bonus of $35 off the price of one of your “Done for You” websites. But in the comments there are several comments that mention a $50 discount. I mean the difference is only $15 bucks, but could we please make it clear?

    Thanks and keep on building and blogging.

    1. Hi Dave,

      RankXL is now $97 which is why I amended the prices, but I missed the initial one. As such, my commission is lower and I can’t afford to offer a $50 discount anymore, so I reduced that to $35. Dom

  4. Hi Bro. I have one question for you. In this whole blueprint, does Chris uses any paid tools to get traffic and also for creating blog posts (content)?? Please reply me. Thanks.

    1. Hey Aaron, well all you need to do is show me the purchase receipt when buying something else, and I’ll give you the discount, or you can just buy something else and I’ll refund you $50 after.

      1. Hi,
        I Know Iยดm late but, Do you still have the discount?

        Im thinking on buying it, please let me know as son as you can.


  5. I am a niche site newbie but Im seriously considering this Bryon. You mentioned I can use this knowledge to create an Amazon associate site, is there much I would have to research on the side to make this happen?

    1. Hmm it’s hard to say. I imagine there would be some things not covered, especially things like using WordPress or other site related things, but most of the core theory and strategy is there.

  6. Just picked up the course, when the time comes what do I need to do in order to get the discount for a site? Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Thanks Bryon. It seems to me excellent review. However, just like to know whether its a step by step video tutorial or written guide.

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