HPD Income Report – June 2015

I used to title my income reports “Niche marketing income report” or sometimes “affiliate marketing”. These days though, the majority of my income comes via the services we offer at HumanProofDesigns, so I decided to change how I structure the title.

I may even start calling it a “Business report” like the guys at EmpireFlippers and a few others do. You know that things are getting serious when you're writing monthly business reports.

Thoughts On June

June was a pretty good month, in terms of the income itself, and also in what was achieved.

I spent the final 10 days of June back home visiting my parents, and although I was working a lot of the time, I proved to myself that I can live anywhere and still be able to work. Assuming I have a laptop and wifi.

June was also the first month that I had an affiliate promoting me. Stuart Walker of NicheHacks ran a weekend's worth of promo emails to his list, which felt really cool to be on the receiving end of. I'll talk more later about how it went.

Finally, June was also the month that I took my first steps into starting a podcast, buying some of the equipment necessary. I may be a few months away from actually starting the thing, but now I've taken the first step, it's become a lot more real.

Goals For The Rest Of The Year

If you've read any of my earlier income reports, you'll know that I was happy to hit $5,000 a month 3 months in a row. Last month (May) was the third consecutive month that I cleared $5k.

My original goal for 2015 was to hit $5k by the end of the year, so doing it 6 months early is a great feeling, and the only thing for me to do now is re-adjust that goal and go for $10k. It might be a stretch, but even if I only get halfway there it will be a great thing.

As well as financial goals, I still want to continue to grow the site and the blog, grow my team and processes, and generally get better at the customer experience.

I want a much smoother experience from the second you guys land on my site, to the second you leave. Whether that's as a customer, or just somebody who's learned something, I think there's a lot of improvements that could happen in the front and back ends.

The NicheHacks Promo

Stuart and I had been discussing a partnership or affiliation for some time, and June was the month we finally got things going. I tweaked my sales pages slightly, added an affiliate plugin, and got things ready my end, while Stuart wrote some promotional emails and scheduled them to go out to his list over the course of about 3-4 days.

I've always been interested in having an affiliate program, but it's been something I've wanted to do privately. I'm happy to work with people closely and discuss things, but I'm not happy to have a bunch of random affiliates, so Stuart was a perfect candidate.

How did it go?

Well money WAS made and I definitely got a lot of new business through the door, but Stuart and I would have expected more people to take up on the offer. For a start, our service is perfect for his audience, and he has a huge audience, so the actual numbers we both earned were relatively low considering that.

I won't state the full figures, because it's not for me to disclose how much I paid him in commissions. That's his business.

I think it was definitely a great learning experience, and it's prompted me to consider improving my sales funnels, making my offering clearer, and basically improving how everything works. If super affiliates have a bit of difficulty getting my offers to convert, then the problem is probably with my offers!

June 2015 Income

With the updates out of the way, let's take a look at how the income went.

Affiliate Income

As always, I'll start with the affiliate income earned from various niche sites.

Amazon: $524

Adsense: $34

Clickbank: $131

DragonDoor: $18

Since switching the Dragondoor promotion to the Clickbank product, it's been very inconsistent. Some months CB makes a lot, other months it makes nothing, and some months (like June), it's somewhere in between. I guess that's what happens when you let something do its own thing.

Hey, $150 from passive income is OK by me.

Affiliate Income Total: $707

HumanProofDesigns Income:

This is always the biggest of them all, and is split between the services I offer and the affiliate income from things I promote at HPD.


The custom-made and ready-built sites will include the income from the NicheHacks promotion as well, after I've deducted commissions paid and the usual costs. Basically, what you see here is all net profit.

Site Building: $4180

Articles: $829

SEO/Link Building/KeywordPacks: $649

Most of the SEO work is only available to existing customers.

Services Total: $5658

Affiliate Income

Bluehost: $0

The Hoth: $769

LongTail Pro: $15

Thrive Themes: $167

AmaSuite: $0

WealthyAffiliate: $515

Jaaxy: $40

Affiliate Total: $1506

HPD Total: $7164

Grand Total: $7871

Well, that's a pleasant surprise and fantastic to earn over $7,500, which puts me about halfway towards the $10k goal after moving up from $5k!

It never ceases to amaze me when I break through a new income record, and even now I am still thrilled to see growth moving steadily upwards.

As always, thanks once again to everyone who contributed and helped make June a record month!

4 thoughts on “HPD Income Report – June 2015”

  1. Tony Ridgeway

    Growth looks good on you Bryon! Keep it up!

    Seriously, it’s nice to see things going in the right direction for ya. Congratulations!

  2. Graham Hoffman

    Congrats Bryon, it was fantastic to see you and bounce some ideas so thanks for your time once again. I’m looking forward to the podcast and your own spin on things.

    Regarding your promo, did you get the traffic and have low conversions, or did the traffic not come through? Did Stuart discuss prices etc, perhaps the promotion hit the wrong type of audience? Was Stuart offering an additional bonus (eBook, templates or something) for users who did buy through the promo?

    It would be interesting to see where you feel it went wrong, I don’t know if you’re using split tests, heat maps etc. Any chance of a more in-depth article?

    Oh and regarding your mailing list comment, I’ve unsubscribed from 3 email lists this week. I’m fed up of seeing them jump on the latest marketers sales funnel…I’m already user of LTP, shame they didn’t consider cross-referencing with current users.

    Keep up the great work!

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