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Saving yourself time by buying ready made niche websites is a great plan. There are plenty of designers out there, including us, who produce niche sites that are primed and ready to go, all you'd need to do is install them and start your business.

Here are some of the most common reasons people buy ready made sites:

  • No need to waste time choosing a niche.
  • No need to spend time learning how to create a site.
  • Can get an extremely professional looking site instantly.
  • Beginners can have their first steps done for them, saving a lot of mistakes and wasted time.
  • Let the experts give you a head start.
  • They are often very reasonably priced.

Now there are many different types and “tiers” of the site available, and it's well worth doing your research first. Some “ready-made” sites are just mass-produced junk.

Ready Made Niche Websites – The Different Types

Now in an ideal world, scammers wouldn't exist on the Internet, but unfortunately, we all know that is far from the case. They are everywhere, and our industry is no exception. In fact, it was seeing so much junk available to buy that was marketed to (and successfully) tricking beginners that made Human Proof Designs come to life.

Now beginners can buy quality sites without buying junk.

What Makes A Junk Site?

Typically, junk sites are “cookie cutter” sites. The same site churned out over and over again with the same content, but on a different domain name. They lure customers into thinking that they will make “automated” income overnight, without the owner needing to do anything.

They don't mention that duplicate content and mass produced sites like this don't ever rank in search engines, so the only way the customer will be able to get visitors is by paying for them through paid adverts (and even then most ad networks will refuse to accept them). In short, they are junk.

Not only that, but there's no way of knowing how much a site will earn, so their promises of $XXX per month or always bogus.

Let's do a quick comparison of quality sites vs junk sites.

Junk Sites

  • Look amateur at best
  • Use duplicate content and/or illegal images
  • Focus only on the domain name
  • Have no sustainable business plan
  • Come with no training or explanation

Professional Sites (Ours)

  • Look great
  • Only unique content and licensed images
  • Focus on the niche popularity and growth
  • Very sustainable plan
  • Come with training and expert advice
  • Excellent Value and Pricing

Suitability For Beginners

A lot of the time it is beginners who are most attracted to ready made niche websites, and rightly so!

As a beginner you have enough to worry about with learning how to create content, how to get paid, how to review products, how to use affiliate links, and so on. The last thing you want to do is create a terrible site because you don't have time (or patience) to learn another skill.

Buy a ready made site, in a ready researched niche, with expert advice, and save yourself time and money. Plus, you are much more likely to succeed.

Human Proof Designs – Ready Made Niche Websites

This is EXACTLY what HPD sites specialize in. We research, design, and produce highly appealing niche sites that are accessible for all.

Our expertly written guides will walk you through every step from installation to monetization and beyond.

The best part? HPD sites are priced very attractively.

Learn more about HPD sites here.

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