How To Start A Dating Site

how to start a dating site

Learning how to start a dating site is not as straightforward as you might think. Dating is one of those site categories that attracts a lot of ‘get rich quick' types and people who like to produce junk.

This means that when you look for ways to make money in this niche (and there are dozens), you have to wade your way through the junk in order to find something useful.

The good news is, this can work to your advantage. People who are seriously trying to learn some dating advice or meet other people are becoming more and more jaded by the above mentioned junk. That's your cue to step in with your quality content, produced with the end-user in mind. They'll love you for it.

Hold up a bit, I imagine you first want to know how to actually get a site started.

How To Start A Dating Site – Five Simple Steps

Step One: Build Or Buy A Site

If you've got a bit of a budget then why not just find some dating sites to buy. We create template sites for beginners just like you and provide manuals that will get you moving in no time as well.

The advantage of this is that you don't waste time learning the ropes of building a site, you get to start off with a professional looking site right from the word go. Seriously, they look good don't they?

Of course, not everybody can start out with a budget and that means you'll need to learn how to start a dating site for free. No problem there! Wealthy Affiliate is your recommended destination for this.

You can produce high quality sites using their basic training and although it will take a little longer than buying one, you'll have step by step tutorials and guides to help you get up and running.

Read my review of the Wealthy Affiliate platform here.

Step Two: Choose Your Direction

It might be pretty tricky to get your site noticed just for being another dating site. There are hundreds of them out there, and although most of them are trash, it will take you a while to prove that you are not one of them.

Why not start out with a niche like “Dating etiquette” or “Flirting via text” or “How to date after divorce”  etc and go from there?

There are so many dating sites and so much trash.


This is true for almost every category on the internet, but even more so with dating.

Also..HELP people. Provide them with good service. These people just want to learn how to meet somebody, don't piss them off.

Step Three: Start Adding Content

Whatever you do, don't copy content from other people's sites. Write your own!

If you know about dating already (tips, guidelines, useful topics etc) then this is going to be a lot easier. Think of things you want to write about, make a list, do some keyword research, and off you go!

The one thing that Google loves is consistently updated (high quality) content. Don't make a site then start spamming the link everywhere, just keep writing and they will find you.

It can take a couple of months to get some real Google love, so don't give up after a couple of weeks.

Step Four: Share Your Articles With Social Networks

While the consistent updates are undergoing and you are awaiting the Google love, why not share your posts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest? You don't have to use any or all of these, but social traffic is instant and you can start to build up a name for yourself almost immediately.

Make sure your site is looking great, if you didn't buy one of ours, then start sharing.

Step Five: Keep Learning And Growing

Wealthy Affiliate really is the best place for this. The Internet moves fast and you'll need to know what things work and what things don't. Why not join a community of experts and follow their training?

Yes, it is free to join.

Keep At It

Consistency and tenacity really are the biggest things. Especially within the dating niche.

You might be thinking “You have only given general tips here, not dating specific” and you would be right. This is because the same steps apply to all niches.

If you are looking for some wonder dating site builder that is tailored to the dating world, you are just going to end up looking like all the other dating sites out there. 


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