SiteBildZ Advantage Review – Will It Make You Money?

Whenever I see a new software/sitebuilder/research tool released, I'm curious to check it out. For the ones that are scams, I usually ignore them and move on. It's the ones that are legitimate that I'm most interested in.

A pattern I've noticed is that most people will focus on their new features. They'll talk about how simple they've made things, or the advantage that they give you. A lot of the time this is just marketing and sales hype. As you'll see from this SiteBildz advantage review, I only really care about how well they will make you money.

What Is SiteBildz Advantage?

This is the second version of the product, the original was just known as SiteBildz. It is essentially a very powerful website building program, designed to make it very easy for you to create a money-making website, such as an eCommerce site.

You can research a niche, build a website, populate it with products, create banners, add images, and select keywords to be used on your site, all with ease. It really is easy to produce a website in a short period of time.

But again, the question remains..will you succeed with it? Will it make you any money?

Read on to find out my thoughts.

What I liked About SiteBildz Advantage

As you may have guessed, I liked the convenience. The keyword research tool is pretty good. It can show you a bit of information about your competition (although you might not understand it), and it uses Moz and Semrush for the data, two places I am a fan of.

I also like that you can buy a domain name for your site within the Sitebildz platform. It's a hassle to go over to Nnamecheap or GoDaddy every time you want to buy a domain.

Finally, I liked how simplified the process is for newbies. If you want to get a simple eCommerce site online add products to it, and add some banners and such like, SiteBildz is great for this.

HOWEVER, I found that despite making it very easy to get a website online, there was nothing more than that. You can't really expect to succeed in making an income online with the website you produce. You'll need to know a lot of other things.

Difficulty building a website is NOT the reason most people fail, so making it simple (however great that may be) is not a guarantee to succeed.

Keep reading to find out why I ultimately do not recommend SiteBildz Advantage.

What I Didn't Like

If you follow the key steps taken in the promo video (which is essentially SB Advantage's key strategy), here's what you'll end up with:

– A website that has some products added to it with your affiliate links. If anyone clicks these then buys a product from Amazon etc, you'll get a commission.

– Some images that you may have taken from other sites.

– The ability to monitor social networks for when someone mentions your product, so you can chime in and drop a link to your site.

– A few other website promotion tools.

And that's about it!

It's incredible to think that people expect to succeed with this kind of site. Do you know how many sites there are like this? It will be pretty difficult to get any sort of traffic to your site, unless you are manually dropping a link to your site in forums, chat rooms, social networks, and everywhere else you can find all day.

Even then there's no guarantee that someone will buy something by looking at your site.

It's a ridiculously flawed plan. You just won't succeed with a website by throwing some products onto it and spamming your web link.

The keyword research is redundant.

As I touched upon earlier, SiteBildz has a pretty good keyword research tool. It's not amazing, it's nowhere near as good as my recommendation, but it will help you find some lower competition niches.

The problem is, if you're just building a site and populating it with a few products and no real content, the keyword research is pointless.

Keyword research is purely for ranking a website in the search engines, but if your site doesn't have any unique or high quality content, you won't rank. Google isn't going to put you anywhere near page one.

What's A Better Plan?

You make money online by helping people. When you choose a niche, you're going to be asking yourself what problems people have in that niche. When you help them solve those problems by giving information or recommending products to them, that's how you get paid.

You can't just build an empty site, fill it with some product links and hope to make money. It doesn't matter how convenient the process is.

A BETTER plan would be to learn about affiliate marketing, which you can do here. If you like the idea of convenience and having things done for you, then you can consider one of my ready-made sites, which WILL make you money.

Whatever you do, don't bother wasting your time with Sitebildz.

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